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A Beginners Guide to Arkansas Medical Marijuana Laws

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Body and Mind July 31, 2021

Medical Cannabis has been legal in the state of Arkansas since November 8th when Arkansas voters approved Issue 6, the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment. Since there’s a lot  of conflicting information on the laws regarding medical cannabis in Arkansas, Body and Mind dispensaries want to help you navigate this tedious journey.


Looking to get your medical card?

The first thing you’ll need to do is fill out the application form on the Arkansas Department of Health website. If you have one of the qualifying conditions on the list, you’ll need to present your relevant medical documents at your consultation. For more information on this be sure to read our blog on How to Get Your Medical Card in Arkansas here.


Guidelines for Medical Users

Having your medical card might give you a big sigh of relief as far as the law is concerned, but don’t be fooled; there are still several rules for Medical Marijuana users to follow.


For starters, how long is a medical cannabis card valid? Your registry identification card from the Arkansas Department of Health will be valid for one year from the date it is issued or the amount of time designated by the physician. The state recommends renewing your card no less than 30 days prior to the expiration date.


Is my confidentiality protected when I get my card?

Yes. The information received and records kept by the Arkansas Department Health Medical Marijuana Section are subject to federal privacy laws. They are not subject to disclosure of any individual or public or private entity, except as necessary for authorized employees of the department to perform official duties for the medical marijuana program. 


Can I use medical cannabis wherever I want?

No. The Arkansas Department of Health has a list of what is considered compliant cannabis use. Here is their exact verbiage:


Using medical cannabis is prohibited in a school bus, on the grounds of any preschool or primary or secondary school, in any correctional facility, in any motor vehicle, in a private residence used at any time to provide licensed child care or other similar social service care on the premises and in any public place where an individual could reasonably be expected to be observed by others. A public place includes all parts of buildings owned in a whole or in part, or leased, by the state or local unit of government. A public place does not include a private residence unless the private residence is used to provide licensed child care, foster care or other similar social service care on the premises. Using medical marijuana is also prohibited in a healthcare facility or any other place where smoking is prohibited by the Clean Indoor Air Act of 2006 and knowingly in close physical proximity to anyone under the age of 18.

Arkansas Dept. of Health website


In essence, you should really only be using cannabis in your own private residence to avoid any potential issues.


Can I use my medical card from another state in Arkansas?

Arkansas does allow medical card holders from other states to obtain marijuana from a dispensary with approval as a visiting patient. However, it’s not as simple as just presenting your states card for example, you’ll have to make a plan ahead of time. 


A visiting patient application is a non-refundable $50.00. If approved, a visiting patient may purchase medical marijuana in Arkansas for a 30-day period, per application. 


May I obtain a  qualified patient or designated caregiver registry ID card if I am a member of the Arkansas National Guard or United States military?

Unfortunately, due to 2017 legislation, active members of the US military are prohibited from obtaining a qualified patient or designated caregiver registry ID card.


More questions? Visit the Arkansas Department of Health website for more information. Our team at Body and Mind West Memphis Medical Marijuana Dispensary is happy to help any and all residents of Arkansas learn about medical cannabis.

Body and Mind
Body and Mind July 31, 2021

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