Visitor’s Guide to Hoffmaster State Park

The ideal beach holiday consists of exciting beach sports, beautiful sunsets, and a convenient and comfortable campground. Hoffmaster State Park, located at 6585 Lake Harbor Road, Muskegon, Michigan- 49441, has all that and much more.

Surrounded by the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan, the park has been revamped over the years to feature many activities for you and your crew to enjoy. You can find hiking and biking trails, two camping grounds, and a visitors center with exhibits that teach you about the sand dune ecosystem.

The Dune Climb Stairway is an inclining boardwalk trail suitable for beginners and accessible throughout the year. The trail’s highlight is the stunning views of Lake Michigan that you can witness as you climb these stairs. An unexpected hidden beach at the end of the walkway is the perfect place to enjoy the sunset.

Hoffmaster State Park also has many hiking and biking trails; you can explore all of them over a week while you camp out on the grounds. One famous trail is the Homestead Trail, a mix of terrains, including the beach and forest. 

The park’s campsites are well-equipped and have features like shower stalls and access to clean drinking water. Because of how crowded it can get, you want to reserve your place on the grounds, especially if you’re visiting during the tourist season.

Another exciting attraction at the park is the Gilette Visitor Center. This center aims to educate its visitors about the ecosystem of the park and its sand dunes and features exhibits and presentations about the local wildlife. Several nature trails also take you to various observation decks where you can overlook Lake Michigan and enjoy the sunset.

You can also get a guided hike from the center or participate in seasonal events held every few months. Many volunteers give lectures about the park’s flora and teach topics in a more hands-on way through an outdoor teaching model.

When you think of sand, you would usually associate it with summer, but many miles of  Hoffmaster State Park’s hiking trails are modified during the winters, so they are fit for cross-country skiing. Many people come here to practice their skiing skills, and the park even hosts events during the winter season.

Places to visit near Hoffmaster State Park

If you choose to visit Hoffmaster State Park on a day trip, go to these other notable attractions to enhance your experience.

Oak Ridge Golf Club

You must visit the Oak Ridge Golf Club to admire the lush green fields, even if you are not a big golf fan. It is surrounded by large oak and pine trees and always has a cool breeze carried by Lake Michigan across the dunes.

The golf course was built in the early 1920s and was originally a private club. It’s still fairly lavish but is now open to the public. Playing a nine-hole walking golf game will cost you $13 on weekdays and $14 on weekends. You can book here.

Little Black Lake and Black Lake Park

If you’re looking for more outdoor activities, you can indulge in some fishing at Little Black Lake, which has many species of aquatic life. You will also find picnic areas and small walking trails along the lake. You can also head to Black Lake Park, which features a horse trail and more tranquil spaces for you to relax and spend a day out with your crew.

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