Visitor’s Guide to The Butter House

If you’re currently in Seaside, California, and are looking to grab a sumptuous, home-like breakfast, this guide is for you. The Butter House is a hearty, welcoming family restaurant in University Plaza, Seaside. It offers a variety of breakfast and lunch options, including comfort food like butter fried rice and other healthier Polynesian-Filipino dishes.

You can also explore their traditional American breakfast food bedecked with Hawaiian, Filipino or Mexican flair. It’s a beautiful family-run restaurant with a fantastic breakfast menu and comfortable homemade meals.

Why should you eat breakfast here?

The Butter house is a simple, family-owned restaurant that started in 2019. Its USP is its nostalgic, homely taste and its wide variety of comfort food options with a unique twist. So come to the Butter House if you’re looking for food made with love and backed by a rich family kitchen history.

This restaurant offers generous portions, houses an incredibly friendly staff, and a calming atmosphere complete with various hot tea blends. Its extensive menu includes freshly squeezed juice, combination meals, kid-friendly options, and cuisine with Filipino influences. The Butter House also has a fully functioning bar.

What menu options can you explore?

The menu at the Butter House has a wide range of food items to choose from. In addition, they have many types of cocktails, beers, mimosas, and non-alcoholic beverages. You should try their in-house specialties like The Queen Maricana’s Hand-Rolled Lumpia or Santa Maria Breakfast Tri-Tip Sandwich.

Alternatively, you may try Marciana’s breakfast fried rice, a household favorite. It has two eggs over two servings of butter-fried rice with sausages, onions, bacon, soy sauce, garlic, spam or ham, and bell peppers. You can also try the Filipino breakfast, which includes white or fried rice, spam, eggs, and two Longganisa sausages.

Butter House offers two-egg combos, omelets, eggs benedict, burgers and sandwiches, salad/soup, and baked goods. In addition, they’ve a special menu for kids – Young at Heart.

Visiting the Butter House at Seaside is a treat for your tastebuds; there’s something for everyone. Be sure to let the servers know any allergy-related information or other preferences and they’ll be more than happy to cater to your needs.

What can you explore around The Butter House?

If you visit The Butter House, you should also visit Total Wine & More’s outlet at Sand city to explore a wide range of high-quality wine, beer, and spirit at great prices. Additionally, if you want an authentic Italian lunch later in the day, Gusto Handcrafted Pizza and Pasta is a three-minute drive away.

As for tourist spots, you can explore famous parks like Coyote Hills National Park, Shinn Historical Park and Arboretum, and Aqua Adventure Water Park, which are within an hour’s drive from Butter House. Some other major attractions around the area are Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center, Hayward Japanese Gardens, Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Quarry Lakes, Dumbarton Pier, Shoreline Lake Boathouse, and Doggie Adventures – Off-Leash.

These places offer you a wide variety of memorable experiences that you can enjoy with your family. While most places will be courteous enough to allow you to take your pet along, we recommend calling in advance to check.

Where can you visit the Butter House?

The Butter House is located at Fremont Boulevard. B-1 Seaside, California- 93955 and they are open from Sunday to Saturday from 6 am to 2 pm.

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