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West Memphis 30-Year Plan Revamp

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Body and Mind
Body and Mind July 31, 2021

The City of West Memphis has big plans on the horizon, and some of them are already taking shape. The city has a 30-year revitalization plan to bring business and people to the area over the next few decades.

It’s impossible to talk about the modernization of cities without mentioning the advent of medical cannabis dispensaries. Body and Mind Marijuana Dispensary opening in April of last year as well as two other dispensaries in the city were a part of the initial stages of the planned revamp. West Memphis has a 13.75% cannabis tax which is valuable revenue to go towards the revamp.


Body and Mind is proud to be a provider of expert medical marijuana care to patients of West Memphis and surrounding cities, and also contributing to the growth of West Memphis. We are proud to be a part of a growing city and whenever possible we contribute to West Memphis and the growth around us. We have donated to the new fire department building as well as recently began communicating with the Mayor of the city to see what else we can do now that covid restrictions are being lifted. We look forward to being able to volunteer our time and resources, especially because the heart of our shop, the employees, are all from the local area with several having grown up in West Memphis.

  • Body and Mind Manager


Residents eager for the next phase of the revamp will be pleased to hear that it’s already taking place in West Memphis as part of a $9 million city parks plan. The sweeping park renovations include:

  • 12 new Baseball/Softball fields with Artificial Turf and new dugouts
  • 6 Artificial Turf Tennis courts
  • 4 Sand volleyball courts
  • 4 Soccer ball fields
  • New concessions and restrooms
  • Additional parking and spaces for buses
  • Walk bridge for fishing and paddle boats
  • 2 miles of Exercise trails
  • 3 Splash pads
  • Amphitheater and Pavilions on Broadway
  • 2 Basketball courts
  • Kickball fields
  • Playgrounds at all city parks
  • Dog Park


What’s in the long term?

The Grow West Memphis 2040 proposal outlines seven key points that will serve as the initiative’s founding principles. 


Continue to migrate overall planning approach to appropriately mixed land uses

The city planning commission of West Memphis states that a top priority for newly planned areas will be to demonstrate a strongly mixed-use character, meaning it will be a fair division of land between farmland development, commercial, residential, and public use land. 


Advance more compact site and building design

The proposal basically states that large barren parking lots in front of buildings would be scaled back due to their unappealing look. Buildings will be closer to streets, parking minimums will be appropriately sized and well-designed landscaping established. These are particularly good ideas because it will give West Memphis an upscale main street type of feel, instead of being a concrete desert. 

Commercial sites will be planned in a connected fashion with shared access, connectivity to pedestrian facilities and related to nearby neighborhoods when feasible. Pedestrian walkability gets a lot of mention in the plan as well as part of the effort to reduce the need for vehicle use and parking space. 


Ensure a range of housing choice in good condition

Redevelopment planning may include multiple housing types. The appropriateness of housing alternatives such as condominiums and townhomes will be explored. 


Plan for a full range of mobility choices and connections throughout West Memphis

Oversized streets will be proposed through a re-visioning as complete streets and the application of calming techniques such as boulevard retrofits, roundabouts, bulb outs and other standards explored to make the town feel warm and relaxed. 

The plan also aims to enhance and upgrade the existing railways to ease the volume of road traffic, as well as improve and add modes of transportation via the waterways such as a ferry. 


Establish and reinforce a West Memphis Sense of place

Key iconic features such as historic buildings, landscapes and landmarks of West Memphis will be clearly identified, respected and protected. New features will be created where appropriate but developers will be mindful of the necessary features to a unique West Memphis experience that will emphasize West Memphis’s heritage. A place type palette for future development will be applied that expresses the uniqueness of West Memphis from the river to the interstate, highlighting why it is America’s Crossroads. 


Preserve open space, farmland, natural beauty and critical environmental areas

Development will be directed adjacent to the existing City. Critical environmental areas will be identified, respected and protected.


Administer West Memphis 2040 efficiently, firmly, and consistently

Grow West Memphis will be used to revise development codes, approval processes and ongoing enforcement procedures. Grow West Memphis will be used to guide public and private investment including public private partnerships and civic group and citizen led programs.

We’re pleased that this month we’re able to donate to the Boys and Girls Club of West Memphis with a large supply drop for their summer programs. We also understand that the residents of West Memphis and the patients of Body and Mind are busy and cannot always find the time to get their medicine, so we rolled out our same day delivery as soon as we could to provide this service to everyone.

Body and Mind
Body and Mind July 31, 2021

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