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Quality Cannabis
The Perfect Balance of Body and Mind

Body and Mind is a multi-state cannabis operator with cultivation, processing, and dispensary locations throughout the United States.

From our commitment to hand-crafted, natural grown products to our dedication to provide our customers with a memorable shopping experience, everything we do is designed to give you The Perfect Balance of Body and Mind.

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Body and Mind offers a variety of cannabis strains and products that allow you to choose the experience you desire.

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Our commitment
to quality cannabis

Our company was built by compassionate, experienced, and knowledgeable people who focus their efforts on providing our customers with the highest-quality product and services. Our diverse team of professionals believe a dynamic company promotes a positive team environment.

Our hand-crafted strains are grown naturally without the use of synthetic pesticides to provide our customers with safe and reliable products. Our plants are grown in small batches and every batch is lab tested to ensure of its purity and potency, and that it is free of contaminants.

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Dispensary Locations

Long Beach Dispensary

3411 E Anaheim St Long Beach, CA 90804

San Diego Dispensary

7625 Carroll Canyon Rd San Diego, CA 92121

Seaside Dispensary

1900 Fremont Blvd Seaside, CA 93955

Markham Dispensary

3063 W 159th St. Markham, IL 60428