California Dispensaries

ShowGrow San Diego
7625 Carroll Rd.
San Diego, CA 92121
ShowGrow Long Beach
3411 E Anaheim St
Long Beach, CA 90804
BaM now has dispensaries open in Long Beach and San Diego! Both dispensaries are open every day 9am-9pm.

BaM has continued to focus on rolling out its brands by expanding in California and other states throughout the United States. In 2019, BaM announced it had entered into an agreement to acquire ShowGrow’s Long Beach dispensary and establish a ShowGrow dispensary in San Diego. By 2020, BaM constructed and opened San Diego’s ShowGrow dispensary, selling high-quality marijuana, such as flower, edibles, concentrates, topicals, and other products, directly to customers. Today, BaM continues to operate the Long Beach and San Diego dispensaries and bring its brand to customers. Through this introduction to California, BaM has been able to bring quality service and products directly to customers in California.

We emphasize service and compassion in all our dispensaries to ensure every customer has a memorable shopping experience. In Long Beach and San Diego, the dispensaries regularly hold daily, weekly, and monthly deals for customers, offering discounts on flower and other products to ensure every customer has access to reasonably priced marijuana. We also offer online ordering for quick service and curbside or instore pickup. Both dispensaries have a rewards program for customers, so that members can earn points from purchases and redeem them for a variety of goods at BaM’s dispensaries, including marijuana, accessories, and merchandise.
San Diego Dispensary
Long Beach Dispensary

California Manufacturing

BaM now manufactures cannabis products in California!

In 2019, BaM entered into an agreement with Satellites Dip, a licensed cannabis company in Cathedral City, California, to begin manufacturing BaM products. That same year, BaM began producing and selling oils, shatter, wax, live badder, ambrosia, and prerolls throughout California. BaM continues to research and develop plans to introduce new cannabis products in California.

The 7,800 square foot Cathedral City manufacturing facility was originally designed and built in 2017. The facility was custom designed for large volume cannabis manufacturing and contains state of the art equipment that produce high-quality concentrates. Our knowledge and experience from other manufacturing operations has helped us design processes that instill quality and care into our product. We only use the best equipment and marijuana to make products to ensure we only produce the highest quality product for customers. When customers purchase BaM products, they can be sure that they are purchasing the highest- quality products available in California.
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