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BaM Sin Valley OG Rosin Concentrate Tests Highest of any product in Nevada!

Body and Mind
Body and Mind April 4, 2016

BaM Sin Valley OG Rosin Concentrate

Sin valley OG
BaM Rosin Potency Test Results

Our latest 100% pure Sin Valley OG Rosin marijuana concentrate just tested at the highest THC level of any medical marijuana product in Nevada!  It’s made from almost pure trichomes using only heat and pressure, resulting in a 100% pure marijuana concentrate. No chemical solvents used. BaM is the only supplier of rosin to Nevada marijuana dispensaries.

Check out the process on how rosin is made here:


To find a complete list of Las Vegas medical marijuana dispensaries that carry BaM products click HERE.

Body and Mind
Body and Mind April 4, 2016

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