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BaM San Diego Dispensary’s Best Sellers

Body and Mind July 4, 2022

At BaM Body and Mind Dispensary in San Diego, we take pride in offering a large selection of diverse cannabis product offerings. In addition to top-notch service from our friendly staff, shopping with us means getting access to California’s most popular brands in nearly every format, so no matter what your preferred delivery method, strain, or terpene profile is, we have something to suit your needs and lifestyle. 

Next time you stop by our cannabis dispensary, check out some of our best-selling products from flower to edibles, concentrates, and beyond. Here’s a peek at some of our customer’s favorites:

1. Alien Labs Atomic Apple Packaged Eighth

Atomic Apple possesses a hint of sour apple candy with hints of fuel and vanilla cream. Atomic Apple is a potent strain with full body and mind effects. Enjoy this quality flower in a pre-packaged eighth, ready to be rolled up into a joint or smoked via your favorite piece of glass or vaporizer.

2. Buddies Sunset Tincture 

This 1000mg THC Sunset Tinctures is made using cannabis extract, botanically derived terpenes, all natural flavors, and coconut oil. Equipped with a measured dropper for precise dosing, it’s easy to find your preferred dosage. The signature Sunset Vanilla Mint flavor is packed with myrcene terpenes for a relaxing effect. This tincture is sugar free, gluten free, and vegan.

3. Connect Cannabis Co. Biscotti Outdoor Prerolls 4-pack

A potent strain made by crossing Gelato 25 with Sour Florida OG. Biscotti Outdoor produces a cerebral high that leaves consumers feeling relaxed, creative, and buzzy from head-to-toe. Try this preroll 4pack, conveniently packaged and easy to stow while you’re out and about and enough to share with friends during your next sesh.

4. Claybourne Co. Grape Animals Triple Infused “Flyers”

Flyers Triple Infused Pre-Rolls are made with premium indoor flower, infused twice with kief and then coated in cannabis oil for even higher elevation. Grape Animals is known to produce high levels of THC but low levels of anxiety—a great combination for those looking for relief at the end of the day.

Each glass tube comes with five (5) .7 gram, strain specific, pre-rolls. Apart from high quality flower, Claybourne Co.’s quality is clear in these Triple Infused Flyers, rolled with high-testing kief, these infused prerolls are sure to supercharge your smoking experience. 

5. Kiva Camino Watermelon Lemonade Gummies

These tasty, medium potency gummies are perfect for anyone seeking an uplifting edible. Perfect for social gatherings, light chores, or creative projects, Kiva’s gummies are sure to please.

6. Jeeter Blue Banana Live Resin Disposable Vape

Blue Banana is an Indica-dominant strain with a strong banana flavor. This strain has the potential to relax the entire body while keeping the mind focused. Jeeter Disposable Live Resin Vapes are half-gram vapes that are made with strain-specific liquid live resin with an innovative bent-straw tip. 

7. 710 Labs GMO Persy Sauce

This cold-cured concentrate from 710 Labs is another form of their famed Persy Rosin. With a flavor of sharp diesel and a pleasant, earthy aroma, this strain has hard-hitting and has long-lasting effects that will leave you in an uplifted, euphoric state. 

Whether you’re looking for flavorful edibles, potent concentrates, flower, prerolls, or tinctures, we’ve got you covered. Visit our dispensary at 7625 Carroll Road in San Diego, we’re looking forward to serving you!

Body and Mind July 4, 2022

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420 Deals Are Here!
Celebrate 420 with unbeatable offers! Shop now to explore our wide range of discounts on edibles, flowers, and more. Don’t miss out on these exclusive deals – dive into our selection and find your favorites today!
420 Deals Are Here!
Celebrate 420 with unbeatable offers! Shop now to explore our wide range of discounts on edibles, flowers, and more. Don’t miss out on these exclusive deals – dive into our selection and find your favorites today!