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BaM West Memphis Loves Hot Springs National Park

Body and Mind
Body and Mind April 11, 2022

Arkansas isn’t named “The Natural State” for no reason. There are so many beautiful parks, forests, springs, waterfalls, and caverns that natural wonders are seemingly around every corner here. For nature lovers, this means that there’s no shortage of locations to truly immerse yourself in the great outdoors. 

Hot Springs National Park

At BaM Body and Mind Dispensary in West Memphis, we love exploring all that the state of Arkansas has to offer. So, if you’re thinking about exploring some of Arkansas’ greatest sites, look no further than Hot Springs National Park. The site was preserved by the federal government in 1832, making it the oldest park maintained by the National Park Service. In addition to the park itself, the surrounding area has a long and colorful history and includes a busy downtown. If bathing in the crystal clear, thermal waters of a natural hot spring sounds good to you, then head west towards the Ouachita National Forest on your way to Hot Springs. At less than a three hour drive, it’s a quick and easy weekend getaway for the whole family to enjoy.

Once you reach the park, you’ll find that the springs are grouped along the base of the Hot Springs Mountain. The thermal water at Hot Springs National Park is nearly 4,000-year-old spring water in its natural state. These springs flow with well over a half million gallons of water a day, and this hot water is supplied to the various bathhouses where visitors can soak and relax in the soothing waters.

The thermal mineral springs were the subject of the local lore within many nearby Native American cultures, and were considered to have medicinal properties. This same belief encouraged Americans to delve into the mineral baths for a soak, a practice still common today at Hot Springs and all over the world. The early days of the park included ramshackle “bath houses’ ‘ built like small log cabins, then later developed into grand buildings into the Victorian and Gilded Age periods.

The park includes portions of downtown Hot Springs, making it one of the most accessible national parks with the added bonus of a downtown area to enjoy shopping and dining. In terms of accommodations, there are numerous hiking trails and camping areas to choose from, and bathing in spring water is available in some facilities at a relatively small extra cost. Along Hot Springs Mountain, the entire Bathhouse Row is a National Historic Landmark District because it contains the grandest collection of bathhouses of its kind in North America. The bathhouses at Hot Springs are considered outstanding examples of Gilded Age (1870-1900) architecture. These bathhouses are ideal if you prefer the comfort of indoor amenities, or if you want a relaxing soak after a long day of hiking.

For those seeking an adventurous hike, the park houses over 26 miles of hiking trails. Hikers can choose from steady winding trails to longer, more challenging trails. No matter which trail you choose, they are all replete with viewpoints, dense wooded areas, and thermal streams. 

Gulpha Gorge Campground

If you want to bust out your camping gear, consider a stay at Gulpha Gorge Campground. This campground is nestled along the banks of water running from the nearby mountains. Its scenic views are tucked within the forest, an especially desirable location to enjoy seasonal foliage. Stay in a tent or opt to bring an RV, the campground has full hookup available for low overnight fees.

In addition to the springs themselves and the Hot Springs downtown, the park offers a visitor’s center and museum in the most elaborate of the old Bath Houses, the Fordyce. A visit to the museum tells the story of the grand days of spa culture in the United States. There’s also a section detailing the archaeology of the region and expands upon some of the Native American cultures that called this region of Arkansas home. Even in the case of bad weather, there are still activities to enjoy at Hot Springs National Park.

In West Memphis, we’re uniquely positioned around big, bustling cities with nature right at our fingertips. Nearby Crowley’s Ridge is just a short drive away, and the Mississippi River runs straight through our area. However, if you’re looking to experience a small piece of Arkansas history, then Hot Springs National Park might be just the place for you. Soaking in the thermal spas as Arkansan’s have done for over a hundred years is a great way to experience the state, while also enjoying this geological wonder.

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Body and Mind
Body and Mind April 11, 2022

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