Buckeye Relief

Buckeye Relief is a popular Ohio-based cannabis cultivator and processor that has gained a loyal following since its inception in 2017. Located on the shore of Lake Erie, just outside of Cleveland, this Ohio-owned and operated company takes pride in producing top-notch medical cannabis products through clean, sustainable practices. 

Why We Love Buckeye Relief

So, what makes Buckeye Relief stand out from the competition? Let’s dive into the reasons why we love this brand.

Cultivation Excellence

At Buckeye Relief, the focus is on cultivating happy, healthy plants, as the company believes that the best medicine comes from the finest plants. Grown in a high-tech facility, each plant is tended to individually, ensuring that its genetic potential is fully realized. The company’s whole-plant hang dry, hand trim, and 30-day minimum cure process bring out the unique aroma and taste of each cannabis strain, making their products truly exceptional.

State-of-the-Art Extraction Techniques

Buckeye Relief has invested time and resources in research and development to create what they believe to be the best extracts in Ohio. They offer fresh frozen live extracts and cured wax, with the fresh frozen live extracts standing out as a particularly terpene-rich product. Produced in small, single-strain batches from hand-selected plants, these extracts are made using sub-zero temperatures and slow curing, preserving the plant’s delicate trichomes and resulting in smooth, flavorful, golden finished products that truly capture the essence of the plant.

Innovative Processing

Buckeye Relief offers a wide range of products, including edibles, diamonds, vape cartridges, and live resin badder, all made using one of two extraction processes: dry trim or fresh frozen. Dry trim extraction is used to create a pure, clean base product for vape pens, tinctures, and infused edibles. Fresh frozen extraction, on the other hand, uses sub-zero temperatures and plants that are hand-selected for their unique aroma, resulting in delicious and potent products like live resin badder, delta shift, and diamonds n sauce.

Buckeye Relief’s commitment to clean, sustainable cultivation practices, innovative extraction techniques, and delicious, high-quality products has earned them a dedicated following with us included! 

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