Raw Garden

Raw Garden is a highly respected cannabis brand from California that’s all about crafting premium, eco-friendly, and accessible cannabis products for all to enjoy. They take a seed-to-sale approach that allows them to carefully oversee every aspect of the production process. From planting the seeds to delivering top-quality concentrates, they ensure their products are pure, potent, and clean.

Raw Garden is also known for its unbeatable flavor profiles and exceptional experience. And their loyal customer base and the wider community recognize their commitment to transparency and environmental sustainability. Ultimately, they’re passionate about what they do, and that’s why they’re committed to bringing you the best cannabis products that positively impact the world.

Why Choose Raw Garden?

They’ve set the bar high for cannabis brands with their unwavering commitment to sustainability and uncompromising quality. Their innovative and conscious approach to cannabis is reshaping the industry, and they’re not just about providing an enjoyable experience. They’re also passionate about aligning their values with yours to create a holistic cannabis experience that positively impacts the planet and the people on it. Choose them for an experience that’s not only enjoyable but also meaningful and reflective of your values.

Consistent Quality

Raw Garden takes a holistic approach to cannabis production, from planting the seeds to harvesting the crop. They strive to use regenerative and sustainable practices at every stage of the production process, so they can bring you top-shelf flower to high-potency concentrates.

By monitoring the entire production process, they can ensure consistent quality and potency in all their products. So whether you’re looking for an indica flower or a sativa concentrate, you can be sure that Raw Garden will always deliver.

Affordability & Product Range

Raw Garden is revolutionizing the cannabis game by providing top-quality products at affordable prices. Their focus on efficient cultivation and extraction allows them to offer unbeatable value to every cannabis consumer. They’re proud to offer an edgy and diverse range of products, including live resin, infused joints, gummies, Pax pods, and refined live resin. Each product is thoughtfully designed to cater to your unique vibe and style, ensuring an unforgettable cannabis experience.

Transparency & Sustainable Practices

Raw Garden is committed to being transparent about what goes into their products. They believe that every cannabis consumer should have access to strain specifics, terpene profiles, and THC/CBD content information to make informed decisions and create their perfect cannabis experience. With Raw Garden, you can rest assured that no detail is too small, and they’re dedicated to keeping you in the know.

They’re also passionate about protecting the planet and crafting a greener future for the cannabis industry. They use rainwater capture systems, natural pest management, and energy-smart practices to reduce their environmental impact. By choosing Raw Garden, you’re joining the eco-conscious revolution and making good choices for you and the planet.

Product Purity & Potency

Raw Garden’s extraction process is unmatched, thanks to their commitment to preserving every nuance of the natural terpene profile and cannabinoid content in their products. The result is a dynamic and potent flavor experience that sets the standard for the competition. You can enjoy the clean and satisfying sensations of their flower and concentrates, knowing that each puff was crafted with the utmost care.

They take an all-natural approach to farming and use customized dry and liquid fertilizers for each field. They don’t use any herbicides and only work with OMRI-listed inputs to keep their Clean Green Certification intact. There are no shortcuts when it comes to quality.

Shop Raw Garden with Body and Mind

At Body and Mind, we are proud to offer a selection of products from Raw Garden. Their passion for sustainability and uncompromising quality is something we fully endorse and strive to share with our customers. We invite you to explore our selection of Raw Garden products and experience the difference that high-quality cannabis can make.

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