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Microdosing Cannabis: Finding the Right Balance for Therapeutic Use

Body and Mind
Body and Mind August 9, 2023

Cannabis flower is more potent than ever, and high-THC products like concentrates and vapes are flying off dispensary shelves. In a time where THC content feels like the primary reason for consuming, microdosing cannabis has emerged as a way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without the intensity high THC can bring. By tailoring consumption to individual needs, goals, and body chemistry, microdosing unlocks the potential for a more personalized and optimized cannabis journey. 

Join us as we delve into the balance of microdosing for therapeutic use and explore how controlled doses of cannabis can change the game for those of us who want relief without the high.

What is Microdosing?

A microdose of cannabis is typically defined as small amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or cannabidiol (CBD), less than half of a standard dose of 5mg THC. Doses of 2.5mg or less are considered microdoses. The ultimate goal is to find the minimal effective dose for your needs. The ultimate goal is to find the minimal effective dose for your needs, experiencing the subtle effects of cannabis without overwhelming your senses.

It’s important to remember that there is no universally agreed-upon microdose, particularly when it comes to CBD. The precise dose that works for you varies based on your tolerance and consumption preferences, so don’t be afraid to start with the smallest amount and work your way up until you find the dose that’s right for you.

Less is More: The Appeal of Microdosing

At the heart of microdosing is the desire to experience the therapeutic effects of cannabis without the side effects associated with higher-dose products, like an intense high or drowsiness. You may choose to microdose for many reasons, whether you’re seeking relief during a busy day without losing focus, you don’t like the high of THC products, but they provide relief, or you simply don’t want to feel intoxicated at the time.

Microdosing vs. Standard Dosing: The Art of Balance

Cannabis microdosing and standard dosing both offer unique effects and benefits. We’ve created the list below to help you determine the best dosing options based on your preferences.

Benefits of Microdosing

  • Discretion: Microdosing THC is perfect for social gatherings or situations where you don’t want to appear high to others. Many microdosed cannabis products are also discreet to take, whether as an edible, tablet or similar product.
  • Control: Microdosing cannabis allows for better control over your cannabis experience. You can fine-tune the dosage based on your tolerance to achieve your desired effects without feeling overwhelmed.  
  • Reduced psychoactive effects: Microdosing cannabis offers a subtle experience that makes it easy to carry on with your day as usual.

Benefits of Cannabis Standard Dosing

    • Potent effects: Standard dosing allows you to experience the full range of benefits of cannabis more intensely. Some people enjoy the intoxicating feeling associated with THC, for example, and might prefer a standard dose to a microdose for that reason.
  • More intense relief: Higher doses or a standard dose of cannabis may provide more intense relief and relaxation for those seeking a deeper unwind. For example, if you’re in pain, a standard dose may offer you more relief than a microdose.

Therapeutic Potentials: Conditions Microdosing May Help With

Microdosing cannabis may help relieve some pesky symptoms associated with a wide range of health conditions. By consuming controlled and small amounts of THC, you may experience reduced chronic pain and reduced anxiety levels without the intoxicating effects of higher doses.

Some clinical research has shown that THC decreases anxiety at lower doses and increases anxiety at higher doses. Further, a study by Syque Medical also revealed that microdosing THC may help manage pain with fewer side effects, comparable to more significant amounts. The group’s research found that microdosing with CBD also may reduce pain, inflammation, anxiety and depression.

Microdosing cannabis products for sleep is also catching on. By taking a small amount of THC before bedtime, you may be able to fall asleep faster without feeling an overwhelming high. Research from Palo Alto University supports this idea, demonstrating that patients living with PTSD fall asleep more quickly with low doses of THC. Importantly, high doses of THC can lead to restless sleep, so microdosing cannabis prevents these unwanted side effects. This may also be effective for people trying to manage symptoms and side effects that affect their sleep.

These therapeutic traits could make microdosing cannabis a viable option for people living with conditions like chronic pain, anxiety disorders and mood disorders. Research into the plant’s potential and how microdosing works is ongoing. However, the growing popularity of microdosing cannabis demonstrates how helpful many consumers have found it when it comes to improving their daily quality of life.

How To Microdose Cannabis: A Step-by-Step Guide

While there is no right way to microdose, our expert tips may be helpful to ensure a positive experience. Our practical and user-friendly guide to microdosing THC can help guide you on a safe and positive experience. 

Set Goals for Microdosing

Decide why you want to take small doses of cannabis before you begin. Setting clear objectives helps you better understand what you wish to achieve through microdosing. Goals guide an appropriate consumption plan, help you effectively monitor your progress and find your “sweet spot.”

Knowing your “why” is also important for choosing the right cannabis product. Cannabinoid and terpene content play a role in your experience with microdosing THC, and the blend that’s ideal for chronic pain patients may not be effective for someone who wants a more restful sleep. 

Decide The Right Dose For You

Each person has unique body chemistry and tolerance to cannabis, so knowing how cannabis affects you and choosing the right dose is key. The best way to microdose cannabis is to start with a very low amount and gradually increasing your consumption until you experience the desired effects. Do your best to observe how your body responds to different amounts. Soon enough, you’ll know the dosages that work best for your goals.

Decide The Method of Consumption That’s Best for You

Different consumption methods result in varying experiences and effects — choose one that complements your goals. If you’re seeking discretion and a precise dosage, options such as tinctures or cannabis edibles may be preferable. On the other hand, you might opt for a vape or cannabis flower if you want a faster onset time.

It’s also important to consider your desired duration of effects, as the cannabis product type you choose impacts it. For example, cannabis edibles offer a longer-lasting experience and can benefit those seeking more sustained relief, while vaping or smoking is typically more fast-acting and short-lived.

Choose the Timing and Intervals

Timing can be just as important as how many cannabinoids are in your selected product. While some patients or cannabis consumers might prefer microdosing cannabis to focus throughout the day, others opt for evening dosing to help them relax before bedtime. Ensuring consistent intervals between small doses of cannabis also helps to maintain a steady level of cannabinoids in your body. 

Listen To Your Body to Personalize the Experience

Everyone’s response to taking small doses of cannabis varies. Be in tune with your body and make adjustments to your routine based on your goals. Consider maintaining a journal to track product type, how much you consume and how it affects you in different circumstances. You may find one product type and dosage works great for helping you fall asleep, another for socializing with friends and another for getting creative. The best way to learn your favorite approaches to microdose cannabis is trial and error.

Microdosing Safely: Precautions and Considerations

While microdosing is generally considered a low-risk way to consume cannabis, safety comes first with any new form of cannabis. Some common side effects to remember include dry mouth and mild changes in mood or perception. For some people, a higher dose of THC may consist of feelings of anxiety. Always start with a low dose to get a sense of how you feel before increasing.

If you take any medications or have any underlying health conditions, seek out professional medical advice to ensure microdosing cannabis is suitable for you. It’s also essential to avoid driving or operating heavy machinery while microdosing, even if you don’t feel high after taking your cannabis.

Microdosing — A Gentle Path to Wellness with Body and Mind

When controlled, monitored and dosed correctly, microdosing cannabis offers a gentle path toward a more holistic well-being. By carefully considering the correct dose, consumption method, timing and more, you can experience the benefits of cannabis while minimizing the risk of unwanted side effects. 

As microdosing becomes increasingly popular, Body and Mind is here to help you take that first step as you explore balanced and mindful cannabis consumption in your daily life. Browse our online menu and place an order today!

Body and Mind
Body and Mind August 9, 2023

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