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Cannabis and Muskegon: The Road to Legalization 

Body and Mind
Body and Mind March 7, 2022

In 2018, Michigan legalized marijuana for recreational use. It’s been a long road to get to this point, but it’s an exciting first step in making safe access to cannabis available to Michigan residents and beyond.

At BaM Body and Mind Dispensary, we’ve been part of the movement to legalize cannabis in Michigan, and our founders have worked tirelessly within the community to educate people on the benefits of the cannabis plant.

For years, we’ve fought alongside dispensaries and activists for patients’ rights and dedicated efforts to become a medical marijuana dispensary in Muskegon. However, cannabis advocacy has been alive in Michigan for years. To better understand Michigan’s long road to legalization, we’ve outlined some key moments in cannabis legalization history.

Recent History of Cannabis Legalization

Technically, Michigan has always banned marijuana possession because of its Schedule 1 classification under the Federal Controlled Substances Act. However, a 2008 ballot initiative to decriminalize possession of small amounts of cannabis was passed and went into effect in 2009.

In 2016, another petition was launched to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes and remove it from Michigan’s list of Schedule 1 drugs. This petition succeeded and initiated the conversation surrounding a new bill known as the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act, which failed to pass in the House of Representatives.

Fast forward to 2017, a new petition was drawn up with the goal of adding a policy that would legalize cannabis for both medicinal and recreational purposes. In November 2018, Michigan voted ‘yes’ on this legalization bill. Due to this bill’s passing, it is currently legal for people who are 21 years old or older to possess up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis flower, up to 10 grams of concentrate or extracts, and up to 72 ounces of infused liquids.

Muskegon Michigan Marijuana Dispensary

After decades of activism, the state of Michigan finally legalized cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes. Getting to this point took community and advocates that dedicated themselves to fight alongside activists in Michigan. This activism directly contributed to the opening of BaM Body and Mind Dispensary in Muskegon, and we’ve been lucky enough to serve patients and customers since we opened our doors in 2016.

BaM Body and Mind Dispensary has been a part of the effort to legalize cannabis for recreational purposes, as well as medicinal purposes, because we feel people have the right to access safe and legal cannabis without the stigma. We provide education on cannabis, it’s benefits, our wide range of products, as well as different delivery methods.

Legalization in Michigan has not come easy, but fortunately, the state’s residents overwhelmingly agreed that safe access to cannabis should be legal for both medical and recreational users. As a Muskegon-based dispensary, we love our Michigan community and take pride in being able to serve our customers top quality cannabis products, while also educating them and helping them find the best products for their individual needs.


Body and Mind
Body and Mind March 7, 2022

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