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Celebrating BaM’s One Year Cultivation Anniversary

Body and Mind
Body and Mind June 20, 2022

At BaM Body and Mind in West Memphis, Arkansas, we have something to celebrate. It’s been one year since our cultivation team has planted their first seeds, and since then, they’ve managed to successfully grow six top quality cannabis strains. Cultivating cannabis can be a complex and time-consuming process, but it can be a rewarding one as well. With careful planning and execution, BaM’s team has managed to grow beautiful, healthy plants that produce high-quality cannabis. We’re proud of our growers because without our top-notch cultivation team, we wouldn’t be able to serve our Arkansas communities the premium cannabis that they deserve.

Why are we so excited to celebrate our “growing” journey? Because growing quality cannabis is hard, and our cultivators have hit the ball out of the park with six strains we’re proud to offer. But if you’re wondering what exactly goes into growing cannabis, read on to find out.

What goes into cultivating cannabis?

There’s a lot that goes into cultivating cannabis, from finding the right strain to growing and harvesting the plant. Especially when you’re growing on a large scale, it’s no easy feat. So what exactly goes into cannabis cultivation? Here’s a look at some of the key elements:

The first step is ensuring all licensures, regulations, and health standards have been met. In Arkansas, government regulation stipulates that any party wishing to cultivate cannabis must first obtain a license from the Arkansas Department of Health. The application process for a cultivation license includes a background check and fingerprinting, as well as an inspection of the proposed grow site. Once licensed, cultivators are required to keep detailed records of their plants and growth cycles. Getting licensed and ready to start growing our cannabis has been a journey, but it’s all been worth it. 

In addition to navigating government regulatory bodies, there’s a whole host of practices that go into cultivating cannabis. Some basic elements include finding the proper soil, managing water, temperature, and light exposure. For example:

Soil: The type of soil used can have a big impact on the quality of a cannabis crop. For best results, growers look for a nutrient-rich soil mix that drains well.

Water: Cannabis plants need a lot of water, so they must be watered regularly. However, too much water can lead to root rot, so it’s vital that the cultivation team carefully oversees the watering processes.

Light: Cannabis plants need a lot of light to grow well. For cultivating indoors, grow lights must be installed and monitored regularly.

Ventilation: Good airflow is important for cannabis cultivation, as it helps prevent problems like mold and mildew. 

Temperature: Cannabis plants prefer a temperate climate, so keeping an eye on the temperature is imperative. Finding the perfect balance between temperature and all of the other factors that contribute to growing cannabis is a dance that must be mastered by any cultivation team.

If you think growing cannabis seems like a big undertaking, the above factors are just the tip of the iceberg! It takes master growers to produce the fine cannabis that we’re ready to sell to our Arkansas consumers, which is why we’re celebrating our cultivation team’s one year anniversary. 

Celebrating our team’s success with 6 quality cannabis strains

Due to state regulations, there is a limited amount of plants we can grow, and our team is constantly working to maximize our available space with help from the assistant manager of cultivation and production, the plant health specialist, to the assistants from cultivation and production. It doesn’t only take time to cultivate cannabis, but the work of trained professionals. At BaM, we are growing our strains with the utmost care and look forward to the progression we see over the upcoming years. The strains we’ve grown this past year include:


Pascal Kush

G-Baby 99

Chem Dela Cake

Cambo Kush

Puppy Breath

Find our quality strains at our BaM Body and Mind West Memphis, located at 203 North OK Street in West Memphis and try our flower to enjoy the accomplishments of our dedicated cultivation team. Our friendly budtenders will help you choose the perfect strain for your needs, so come on in and celebrate one year of growth in Arkansas! We’re looking forward to seeing you in store!

Body and Mind
Body and Mind June 20, 2022

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