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Cleveland Medical Marijuana Dispensary Highlights Buckeye Relief Cultivator – Combining Sustainability with Whole Plant Medicine

Medical Marijuana
Body and Mind
Body and Mind January 10, 2022

At Body and Mind Medical Marijuana Dispensary, the goal is to work with cultivators who care for the patient, planet, and plant. Buckeye Relief is a brand that caters to all three and bridges sustainable practices with whole plant medicine to bring patients a clean and powerful product. They are known for using a whole plant hang drying process that ends with hand trimming and a 30-day cure of the flower. To ensure the best available products for Ohio medical marijuana patients, Buckeye Relief uses its state-of-the-art facility to produce its plant materials completely in-house. You can find a wide variety of medicinal flowers available on the Body and Mind menu, including medical marijuana edibles and vaporizer products. If you are looking for more insight, visit the guide below for some of the favorite Buckeye Relief products available now. 


Cake It Easy Hybrid 

Buckeye Relief puts power behind their genetics with their Cake It Easy Hybrid Medical Flower. Cake It Easy starts as a tall plant with dense buds. Buckeye Relief holds the same reverence and passion for the plant in every strain they offer. Cake It Easy is a hybrid strain offering balance. Buckeye Relief is unique in its terpenes, with Cake It Easy offering a light, sugary taste. Major terpenes Myrcene, Limonene, Linalool creates a unique aroma. Its parent strains are well known with Larry OG and Wedding Cake crosses. Both strains come together to create this distinct Cake It Easy strain. Body and Mind’s aim is to keep patients’ medicine affordable with Cake It Easy. This is the ideal strain for patients who might need a healthy balance in their medicine. Cake It Easy from Buckeye Relief is surely a showstopper at Body and Mind Dispensary in Cleveland, Ohio


Strawberry Lemonade 1:1 WANA Gummies 

Wana is a nationally recognized edible brand boasting high-quality and delicious products. In Ohio, they work with Buckeye Relief to give patients a tasty way to medicate. The Strawberry Lemonade 1:1 Gummies are just right if vaporizing isn’t your preferred method. These medical marijuana gummies use both full-spectrum THC and CBD to create the perfectly balanced edible that still tastes like a glass of summertime lemonade. The Strawberry Lemonade Gummies come in a pack of 10 individually dosed pieces at 5mg THC and 5mg CBD per piece, making it easy to build your experience with each bite. Wana and Buckeye Relief are committed to clean products and creating medical marijuana gummies that are gluten-free and vegan. 


Sour Blue Diesel Live Resin

The Sour Blue Diesel Live Resin from Buckeye Relief is a top-selling medical concentrate for patients. Buckeye Relief slow cures all Live Resin batches to ensure high potency and preservation of cannabinoid profiles. Their whole-plant approach to extracts is an important part of their process. They use below zero temperature extraction matched with hand-selected plants and single strain curing to produce top-shelf medical concentrates. Sour Blue Diesel has a smooth, cake batter consistency. The consistency, flavor, and ease of use stem from Buckeye Reliefs’ whole-plant approach. Sour Blue Diesel is also a favorite of the Buckeye Relief team. Its growers report a beautiful, peachy plant that produces dense buds. Its roots come from cross strains like Grapefruit X NYC Diesel and Cookies&Dream X Ghost OG. These parent crosses make the strain a terpene-rich combination of flavors and aromatics. 


Dosidos Cartridge 

Cartridges from Buckeye Relief are always made with 100% high-quality materials. The Dosidos Cartridge is no exception. Originally, this strain was developed as a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Face-Off OG. The plant is as beautiful as the product with lime green and lavender leaves. Lush and bright, Dosidos has a potency geared towards patients who are looking for high THC levels. The high-profile terpenes in Dosidos lean to a musky smell with a sour-sweet lemon taste. Dosidos comes in a convenient cartridge for patients to use in their favorite vaporizer. At about 69% THC and 11% CBD this cartridge can potentially offer whole-body relief for a variety of ailments. Buckeye Relief is also affordable at Body and Mind Cleveland and has become a mainstay on the Body and Mind menu for patients of all kinds. 


Black Ruby Punch Airo Cartridge 

Buckeye Relief has partnered with a leader in the vaporizer space to bring medical marijuana patients the Black Ruby Punch Cartridge. Using Buckeye Relief’s full-spectrum oil, the fresh frozen live resin in high-quality Airo cartridges means patients get an unprecedented vaping experience. Black Ruby Punch packs a punch at approximately 69% THC making it an ultra-potent strain. 

Buckeye Relief is available at Body and Mind Medical Marijuana Dispensary. With their premium flower, concentrates, edibles, and cartridges, it is no wonder why patients love their products. The full flavor matched with full-spectrum medical cannabis oil makes medicating easy for patients across Ohio. Our menu is always stocked with Buckeye Relief options for every type of patient. You can find more buzz on Buckeye Relief by following along on their social media.

Body and Mind
Body and Mind January 10, 2022

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