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Cleveland Medical Marijuana Dispensary Runs Month-Long Food Drive

Medical Marijuana Dispensary
Body and Mind
Body and Mind February 2, 2022

Giving Back to the Community Through Aligned Visions


Body and Mind Cleveland – one of the leading medical marijuana dispensaries in the state has partnered with the Second Harvest Food Bank of North Central Ohio. Their month-long food drive aims to feed the families of Cleveland that struggle the most to fund their next meals. While the collaboration between the Second Harvest Food Bank and Body and Mind Cleveland might seem like an unlikely pairing at first glance – it makes a lot of sense when you dig a little deeper.

Let’s talk a little more about Second Harvest and its mission to help feed America. Committed to supplying food for tens of thousands of at-risk families in Cleveland and the surrounding areas, they are members of a greater network, serving a greater good. 

Members of both the Ohio Association of Foodbanks as well as Feeding America  have been serving Northern Ohio from their warehouse in Lorain since 1979. So, what exactly is a long-established food-centric charity doing in teaming up with a medical marijuana dispensary?

Well, as it happens, the vision and missions of the two organizations are far more similar than you may realize.


Wellness and Good-Will Go Hand in Hand

Body and Mind is not your average medical marijuana dispensary. As you may or may not know, Ohio has only legalized medical marijuana. This works well, since Body and Mind exists to serve those who find medical marijuana to be helpful. Poverty and hunger go hand in hand with pain and we know that all too often, those who are experiencing one may also be experiencing the other.

To that end, Body and Mind believes in doing whatever it can to give back to the community. With that in mind, when the notion of collaborating with such a well-respected and reputable charity such as Second Harvest Ohio came along, it was a no-brainer. So, for those who are wondering ‘Is there a medical marijuana dispensary near me who truly cares?’ – here is your answer:

We are proud to be running a month-long food drive in partnership with Second Harvest Ohio which will feed hundreds if not thousands of families through the cold months. We don’t have an easy winter here along the lake and it’s even harder when you struggle to feed yourself or your family.

A staggering 1,547,110 people in the state of Ohio are facing hunger. More wrenching is the fact that 448,600 of those – are children. That puts 1 in 6 children in Ohio into that category – numbers that are colder than even the winter ahead.

At Body and Mind Cleveland Medical Marijuana Dispensary, we are committed to serving our community. Though our primary service is one form of that service, where we see a need we are pledged to help serve and find a solution. 

With that in mind, our month-long food drive with Second Harvest Ohio is a source of nutrition and sustenance for those hundreds of thousands of hungry children and families this winter. While at risk-families often face compounded challenges like finding work, child-care, clothing and shelter, everything is harder when your stomach is empty.

Our food drive is only a small piece of the solution. We know that we are doing our part and that it will greatly affect the lives of those we feed – but we can’t do it alone.


How To Help

Our food drive relies on the action and kindness of citizens like you and our ability to inspire you to act. To feed as many families as possible this month we need your help to donate non-perishable items and help feed those families and children this winter. 

To learn more about where and how to donate, ask your consultant next time you’re in store or give us a call.

Body and Mind
Body and Mind February 2, 2022

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