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Even Lower Prices Everyday at BaM Muskegon

Body and Mind
Body and Mind June 20, 2022

At BaM Body and Mind Provisioning Center in Muskegon, we’re proud to offer everyday low prices on a variety of our top quality cannabis products. We believe that accessing good cannabis shouldn’t break the bank, which is why we strive to offer a wide selection of products at varying price points. If you’re shopping for cannabis in the Muskegon area and you’re looking to save, stop by our dispensary and our friendly budtenders will walk you through our selection of products, as well as highlight any products offered at a discounted price.

Whether you’re looking for top quality flower, edibles, concentrates and more, we’ve got something to fit your lifestyle and budget. Better still, we’ve worked it out so you can enjoy even lower everyday prices so no matter how deep your pockets, you can enjoy saving cash while walking away with an excellent assortment of high quality, legal cannabis products.

Some of our discounts include the following:

1) Flower

Cloud Cover

With strains like Katsu Bubba Kush, Lemon Ozium, and Powernap, Cloud Cover is a brand that produces high quality, small batch craft cannabis. If you’re a cannabis connoisseur, you’ll be pleased with our Cloud Cover selection. Try any strain for $32 per eighth.

Rare Michigan Genetics (RMG) 

From Alien Cream Cookies to Gack OG, RMG strains pack a punch for those looking to get lifted. Consistently testing at 25% THC or higher, RMG flower is not for the faint of heart. Purchase any eighth for $26. 


Known for their master cultivators, Pleasantrees is dolling out high quality cannabis in a variety of strains like the classic MAC 1 to the funky Garlic Sherbet. We’re psyched to offer any of their eighths at $35, down from $50.

High Life Farms 

Renowned for their genetics and for cultivating boutique cannabis on a grand scale, High Life Farms eighths are now $20. Choose any strain like Dr. Gonzo or Jungle Cake now and stop back for a selection of new strains coming soon.

2) Edibles

Kaneh Co

Kaneh Co is a family owned operation creating delicious edibles using the finest ingredients out there. Their wholesome, high-end products don’t compromise on quality ingredients, medicinal purity or presentation and they taste great, too! Choose any of their baked goods like their fudgy brownies at Buy One, Get One while supplies last.

3) Carts

High Life Farms Annie Tokeley 

Annie Tokeley is High Life Farm’s approach to 1 gram distillate carts. These quality carts taste great and are balanced with additional cannabinoids to give consumers a broad spectrum effect. Buy any 1 gram cart for $25.


Using 100% organically grown cannabis, Rove creates carts focused on quality. Try any 1 gram cartridge prices ranging from $32 to $34.

Visit us at BaM Body and Mind Dispensary in Muskegon

If you’re looking for great deals on amazing cannabis products, visit our dispensary at 885 East Apple Avenue in Muskegon, Michigan. We’re stocked with some of the state’s most premier cannabis products and we’re ready to help you find the best bang for your buck. Finding quality cannabis at affordable prices should be easy, which is why we’re dedicated to doing just that. Find our even lower everyday prices any day of the week at BaM Body and Mind.


Body and Mind
Body and Mind June 20, 2022

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