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Florida Family Moving To Colorado for Medical Marijuana

Body and Mind
Body and Mind February 23, 2016

Fox_35_News,_Florida_Family_Moves_to_Colorado_for_Medical_Marijuana Here is another story of a family moving to a different state for medical marijuana treatment. Across America many patients and entire families have expressed frustration at medical marijuana laws in their own state. They often cannot get the treatment they believe they need, and the treatment prescribed to them by some doctors. Some patients, like the Florida family in the Fox 35 news story below, must move great distances to gain access to medical marijuana.

– An Ocala family has made the painful decision to pack up everything and move from Central Florida, across the country to Colorado for their young son.  They say Colorado’s medical marijuana laws play a big part in the reason why.

He’s only 5-years-old, but for a moment, put yourself in Shawn’s shoes. Being that child, is not easy. “From the time he was a month old. All we know is hospitals,” Dawn Zuzio, Shawn’s mother said. “Doctors. Specialists. Surgeries. It’s hard.”

It’s hard, Shawn’s mother said, because he lives with Chronic Lung disease, dozens of medications, epilepsy, a hole in his heart, autism, and a trachea in his throat. “The list goes on,” Zuzio said. 

In Zuzio’s eyes, Florida’s healthcare system for children like Shawn has failed her. This mother, who is fighting for her family, is making a desperate change for Shawn, all for his healthcare. Inside their home, boxes all over the house were a sign of what is coming.  “I’ve tried really hard to find specialists that will help him. I just can’t,” Zuzio explained. “There’s no medical marijuana here at all.”

Representative Matt Gaetz, R-Fort Walton Beach, said, “My heart breaks for the Florida families who need medical cannabis to keep their loved ones alive while a bureaucratic process in state government has failed them. There’s no doubt about that”.

Read the full medical marijuana story from Fox 35 news, and watch a video with family interview

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Body and Mind
Body and Mind February 23, 2016

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