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Nevada Medical Group/BaM™ Announces Its New Marijuana Products

Body and Mind
Body and Mind March 8, 2016

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Client: NMG/BaM
AMS Job #: NMG 0316286
Project: New Products News release
Date: March 8, 2016


CONTACT: Annie Sliman
Advertising & Marketing Solutions, Inc. (702) 798-1819 office / (702) 429-1130 cell
e-mail: annies@amsinclv.com

LAS VEGAS—(March 4, 2016)—Body and Mind (BaM)™ Medical Marijuana is delighted to announce it has begun shipping its proprietary and high-quality medical marijuana products to licensed Nevada dispensaries. BaM products are designed to achieve a perfect balance of body and mind for medical marijuana users.

First shipments include the well-balanced, energizing Sequoia Strawberry strain, as well as BaM’s exclusive 100% pure rosin concentrate. Rosin comes from a revolutionary extraction process that yields a clean, potent product with almost no extraneous or harmful chemical residues. BaM is the first and only supplier of rosin in Nevada, and its rosin product tested at a very high 81% THC level and 91% THCA level. THC is the chemical responsible for many of marijuana’s beneficial effects. BaM products are now available at local outlets including Oasis Cannabis, Inyo, and Essence dispensaries.

According to Alan Wheelock, sales manager, the Sequoia Strawberry release party at Cannabis Oasis was a great success. “The release resulted in Oasis achieving its largest sales day to date. Patients also turned out in large numbers to buy BaM’s new rosin extract, which has the highest tested THC of any marijuana product available in Nevada. Our team is excited by the market acceptance and determined to continue exceeding expectations in the medical marijuana community.” BaM products have also launched at the Essence, the only dispensary on the Las Vegas Strip. In fact, BaM representatives will participate in Essence grand opening on March 9, 2016, at 5765 West Tropicana and will introduce their Tangerine Power strain and the Rosin Pen Bundle at the event.

BaM is focused on developing medical marijuana products that deliver the perfect balance of mind and body benefits consumers desire. Its natural, handcrafted growing process results in exceptionally pure, high-quality marijuana that is free from pesticides, microbials and toxins. The potency and purity of BaM products ensure that medical marijuana patients experience the strongest possible benefits without any worries about impurities or unnatural residues. BaM is rightly proud of its highly trained horticulturalists and growers, who carefully select and crossbreed special strains of cannabis to achieve optimal results in its state-of-the-art, climate-controlled facility. As BaM develops its presence in southern Nevada, it plans to offer an expanding line of quality marijuana products to Nevada consumers.

Nevada Medical Group is a supplier and grower of medical marijuana for the Nevada market. Its proprietary Body and Mind (BaM) ™ products let consumers choose the perfect balance of body and mind benefits to get the precise experience they want. Founded in 2015, NMG addresses the needs of Nevada’s growing medical marijuana market. Its locally-based and experienced team is committed to producing the highest quality medical marijuana products in Nevada through a handcrafted, small-batch growing approach. The BaM product lineup features the award-winning strains of Sin City Seeds. Each strain has been carefully developed and lab-tested to deliver a unique combination of benefits. Consumers can choose from a variety of pure and potent BaM products, including the market’s only 100% solvent-free line of concentrates and only rosin product. More information about BaM and its products is available at www.bodyandmind.com.

Advertising & Marketing Solutions, Inc. was founded in Las Vegas in 1995 to provide outstanding personalized services to every one of its clients. The agency is proud to be known in the community for creativity, quality work and winning results. Services include strategic marketing and advertising development, campaign creation, media planning and buying, public relations, special events and web services. More information is available at http://www.amsinclv.com.

Body and Mind
Body and Mind March 8, 2016

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