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Apple Fritter Strain Overview

Body and Mind
Body and Mind November 18, 2023

With its balanced blend of indica and sativa genetics, Apple Fritter offers a symphony of flavors and effects that captivate your senses. Join us as we delve into the details of this exceptional strain.

Apple Fritter Strain

Embark on a journey into the enticing world of Apple Fritter, a true gem among cannabis strains.

Apple Fritter’s Genetics

Apple Fritter was created nearly a decade ago by the breeders at Lump Flowers. Apple Fritter is a true hybrid, offering a balanced 50:50 ratio of indica to sativa genetics. Its lineage stems from combining two distinct parent strains: Sour Apple and Animal Cookies.

Apple Fritter’s Cannabinoid Content

Apple Fritter is known for its robust potency, boasting a THC content of 27% to 32% – making it a favorite among experienced enthusiasts seeking a potent high. In fact, this strain has earned a spot on a High Times list of the strongest strains on earth.

Apple Fritter has very minimal to non-existent levels of CBD. That’s why this strain has such prominent THC-forward effects.

What’s Apple Fritter’s Terpene Profile?

Apple Fritter is a treasure trove of terpenes. When it comes to fragrance, this strain delivers a symphony of sweet and earthy notes intertwined with hints of cheesiness. Imagine a sun-kissed apple orchard mixed with freshly baked brie.

The most dominant terpene is caryophyllene, which impacts spicy and earthy undertones that add depth and warmth to the overall aroma. Limonene brings bright and citrusy notes dancing on the palate like freshly peeled lemon. Pinene adds a subtle hint of pine and potential relaxation properties.

What Does Apple Fritter Flower Look Like?

Apple Fritter is a visually striking strain, with dense, dark olive-green buds adorned with subtle traces of regal purple shadows. Each nug is covered in crystal trichomes, like morning dew on a lush meadow.

How Does Apple Fritter Make You Feel?

Apple Fritter is known for its profound impact on your mind and body. Its reputation is shaped by a powerful, relaxing high that washes over your body like a relaxing wave. You can expect to feel muscle tension melt away, accompanied by a remarkable sense of calmness. It’s often considered a lullaby for the senses, making it a great strain to consume before hopping into bed after a long day.

Keep in mind that everyone’s experience varies. You may feel differently when consuming Apple Fritter — and that’s OK!

Are There Negative Side Effects?

While Apple Fritter offers a delightful experience for many, it’s always important to be aware of potential downsides when trying any new strain. The strain’s high THC content may make anxiety worse for some folks.

To ease any potentially negative experience, start with a lower dosage and gradually increase. Find a calm environment, practice deep breathing and consider activities like meditation or stretching. Staying hydrated and keeping a snack on hand will also help to ease thirst or, of course, munchies.

Why Do Patients Try Apple Fritter?

Apple Fritter’s therapeutic properties make it a valuable option for those addressing conditions such as anxiety and stress. Additionally, the strain’s potential analgesic (pain-relieving) properties may make it helpful for those who live with chronic pain of all kinds. This combination of mood-stabilizing and pain-alleviating potential positions Apple Fritter as a beneficial option for those holistic alternatives to their well-being.

One review on Allbud describes this smoke as “fairly smooth and extremely tasty but not overly pungent.” This same reviewer described Apple Fritter’s effects as “uplifting mentally, enhancing one’s mood while relaxing the body.”

Are There Strains Similar To Apple Fritter?

If you cannot get your hands on the Apple Fritter strain, a few alternatives provide comparable cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Two excellent options include:

  • Kush Cake: This hybrid strain shares dominant terpenes like caryophyllene and limonene, making it an excellent replacement for Apple Fritter. It also matches the THC content, reaching heights of 25%.
  • Sour Apple: Boasting a similar terpene profile and slightly lower THC percentages, Sour Apple provides a relaxing experience akin to Apple Fritter. It’s one of Apple Fritter’s parent strains.

Shop Apple Fritter with Body And Mind

At Body and Mind, we take great pride in featuring a wide selection of Apple Fritter products at our dispensaries across multiple states. From sunny California to the vibrant landscapes of Ohio, we’re committed to making Apple Fritter accessible to consumers nationwide.

View all products on the Body and Mind dispensary menu now!


Is Apple Fritter An Indica Or Sativa?

Apple Fritter is a true hybrid strain, balancing both indica and sativa genetics to provide a well-balanced experience.

What Does The Apple Fritter Strain Taste Like?

The Apple Fritter strain offers a flavor profile that combines sweet and earthy notes with a subtle cheesy influence.

Who Created The Apple Fritter Strain?

Apple Fritter was created nearly a decade ago by the breeders at Lumpy Flower, a Sacramento-based, California-stationed brand.

Is Apple Fritter Good For Anxiety?

Apple Fritter has gained recognition for its reported ability to help ease anxiety, thanks to its calming and mood-stabilizing effects. But keep in mind that everyone’s experience varies, so take it slow and judge your own experience before diving in.

Is Apple Fritter Strong?

Apple Fritter has earned its reputation as a potent contender in the cannabis world, with THC percentages reaching heights upwards of 25%. It even clinched a spot in the High Times Hall of Fame for the World’s Strongest Strains.

Body and Mind
Body and Mind November 18, 2023

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