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Exploring the MotorBreath Strain

Body and Mind
Body and Mind February 15, 2024

Motorbreath is one of those strains you won’t forget when you smell it. Marked by an intense diesel flavor and aroma profile, it’s no wonder this flower is named after a car part. But you won’t have to travel far to give it a try — this popular strain can be found on plenty of dispensary menus. Get the ins and outs of this unique flower.

MotorBreath’s Genetic Lineage

MotorBreath is a potent strain with a Chemdawg and SFV OG Kush genetic lineage. MotorBreath leans heavily toward the indica side, with an approximate 70% indica to 30% sativa breakdown.

MotorBreath Flavor Profile

MotorBreath’s standout flavors keep cannabis enthusiasts old and new coming back for more. Prominent notes of fuel and diesel are at the top of its flavor profile, with hints of earthiness grounding these scents. As a pleasant surprise (or perhaps a break from the unrelenting diesel), MotorBreath offers a pop of refreshment through citrus and zesty undertones.

MotorBreath’s Cannabinoid Content

MotorBreath is a powerhouse strain known for its THC content, typically hovering around 28%. This head-turning potency makes MotorBreath a robust and intense cannabis experience, appealing to seasoned enthusiasts seeking a strong and euphoric high. You might also find notable levels of Cannabigerol (CBG), depending on the harvest and batch you’re buying.

Which Terpenes Are Dominant in MotorBreath?

MotorBreath’s distinctive aroma and flavor profile are shaped by terpenes, each contributing to the strain’s unique essence and overall experience. The dominant terpenes found in MotorBreath include:

How Does MotorBreath Make You Feel?

MotorBreath is a strain that promises a captivating, well-rounded and powerful experience, inducing a profound sense of relaxation for both the body and mind. The euphoric waves bring about a gentle uplift and promote a sense of bliss and contentment. Many consumers say feelings of happiness and a positive and harmonious mental state are expected.

Does MotorBreath Have Medical Benefits?

MotorBreath’s potent and diverse effects may offer a range of therapeutic benefits. If cannabis helps you with appetite stimulation or quelling nausea, MotorBreath is a great strain to try. Its mood-elevating qualities can also be instrumental in easing symptoms of depression.

A review on Allbud described the MotorBreath high as “very cerebral at first.” They went on to say that the strain “really got my attention the first time I tried it,” declaring it as a “must try.”

What Strains Are Similar To MotorBreath?

If you can’t find MotorBreath, many gassy strains can offer a similar experience. Some of the potential alternatives to look for include:

    • Bonkers: With similar terpene content to MotorBreath, Bonkers is another strain known for its high THC content and uplifting effects.
  • Sunset Octane: This strain offers high THC content and appetite-inducing effects, similar to MotorBreath. 

Shop MotorBreath With Body And Mind

Whether you’re shopping in San Diego, a medical marijuana patient in Cleveland or like to surf through a big selection in Seaside, Body and Mind is here to shape your cannabis journey. In every Body and Mind location, we’re committed to offering quality, safe products and a memorable shopping experience. Stop by any of our locations in

California, Ohio, Arkansas or Illinois to see why patients and recreational shoppers choose us.

Our dispensaries proudly offer a curated selection of MotorBreath products. Check your local menu to see what’s in stock.


Where Does MotorBreath Get Its Name?

MotorBreath gets its name from its intense aroma and unique flavor profile of musky diesel.

Is MotorBreath Good For Sleep?

MotorBreath is celebrated for its strong relaxing characteristics, making it an excellent choice for those who want to try a strain that supports a good night’s sleep.

Is MotorBreath Indica or Sativa?

MotorBreath is primarily an indica-dominant hybrid, typically composed of around 70% indica and 30% sativa. This well-balanced blend delivers physical and cerebral effects. But before you make assumptions, be sure to check the test results and the product label. Calling a product indica or sativa doesn’t fully encompass the experience you can expect.

How Long Does It Take MotorBreath To Grow?

MotorBreath typically has a flowering time of about 10 weeks. Cultivators should be prepared to invest some time into these plants’ proper care and attention for best results.

How Is MotorBreath Spelled?

You’ll see two spelling variations: MotorBreath and Motorbreath. Both refer to this diesel-heavy strain.

Is MotorBreath A Strong Strain?

MotorBreath is a strong strain with a consistently high THC content, usually around 28%. This ensures a potent and intense experience for consumers.

Is MotorBreath Good For Beginners?

MotorBreath has potent effects and high THC content, so it may be better suited to experienced consumers.

Body and Mind
Body and Mind February 15, 2024

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