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Super Silver Haze Strain Overview

Body and Mind
Body and Mind September 27, 2023

This amazing cultivar was a first-prize winner at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1997, 1998, and 1999. Created by the breeders Shantibaba, Mr. Nice, and Neville Schoenmaker, Super Silver Haze (“SSH”) is a Sativa Hybrid.

Super Silver Haze Strain Origins

Super Silver Haze combines Skunk#1 (25%), Northern Lights #5 (25%), and Haze (50%). Again, we see an Indica parent in the famous Sativa lineage.

Super Silver Haze Strain Effects

Described as a long-lasting, energetic high, it’s a fantastic morning smoke. The long-lasting body high and uplifting effects make you glide through high-stress levels. 

Are you running hard to meet a deadline? Is there a little extra stress and pressure at the job because your team’s running short-staffed? SSH can help you rise to the challenge!

Super Silver Haze Cannabinoid Profile

THC-dominant (20% THC – Trace CBD – 1% CBG)

Super Silver Haze Primary Terpenes

Myrcene and beta-caryophyllene

Super Silver Haze Flavor

Spicy and herbal with citrus and skunk. 


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Body and Mind
Body and Mind September 27, 2023

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