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Two Medical Marijuana Bills Advance Further in Utah

Body and Mind
Body and Mind February 5, 2016

KSL TV Utah News Logo This year and last year, we’ve watched numerous medical marijuana bills enter legislation across the United States. Below is a news story showing two more medical marijuana bills in Utah.

We’ve also read stories of patients moving to another state just to get the medical treatment they desire.

Medical marijuana is legal in Nevada. There are current legislation efforts underway for recreational use to be legalized. Las Vegas offers several medical marijuana dispensaries, and anyone with a valid medical marijuana card from any state can buy medical marijuana in Las Vegas.

SALT LAKE CITY — Two very different bills that would make medical marijuana available to small percentages of Utahns cleared their first hurdles at the Utah Legislature on Thursday.

Two-hour committee hearings for each bill ended with the approval of lawmakers and an appointment on the Senate floor to continue debate on both Sen. Evan Vickers’ SB89, which would make cannabidiol products manufactured in the state available to a select number of patients; and Sen. Mark Madsen’s SB73, which would create access to the whole marijuana plant for also a short list of medical conditions.

‘I know how they suffer,’ said Dr. Perry Fine, a physician, professor and researcher at the University of Utah.”

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Body and Mind
Body and Mind February 5, 2016

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