Visitor’s Guide to 18th Amendment Spirits Co.

Good food feeds the soul; mix that with quirky cocktails, and you’ve got a memorable night ahead of you! 18th Amendment Spirits Co. is a distillery food joint in Downtown Muskegon. This attraction is not just about the foods and drinks; it is a part of the city’s preserved history, and locals call it “the spirit of Downtown Muskegon.”

A fun fact about the building, which now houses the 18th Amendment Spirits Co., is that it was initially a savings and loan bank. And the prices at the joint are still reasonable. It offers many specialty cocktails ranging from Espresso Martinis to Classic Bloody Marys. You can enjoy in-house events, from live music nights to educational entertainment sessions.

You can expect a blast from the past when you walk into this bar. The interiors are inspired by the actual savings and loan bank but are given a modern twist. It almost looks like an old-time establishment from a James Bond movie. This ambiance adds to the charming vibe of the space. Giving it a distinct look and feel, that paired with their creative drinks and a couple of friends are all the makings necessary for a night you’ll definitely remember (or maybe won’t!).

18th Amendment Spirits Co. makes its own spirits that you can purchase and savor to bring back the memories of Muskegon when you go back home. It sells white rum, vodka, gin, bourbon whiskey, rye whiskey, and agave. Visit the website for tips on what cocktails you can make with the spirits. And while these may take you sometime to properly master, you can bet that effort will be worth it when you can make a delicious negroni.

Things to do near 18th Amendment Spirits Co.

The city of Muskegon is always bustling, and you’ll surely find something interesting to do at every corner. If you have a few hours to kill before your reservation at 18th Amendment Spirits Co., you must visit these spaces for a real feel of the city and its culture.

Western Market

Muskegon’s Western Market has a vibrant history. It began to give small businesses and start-ups a space to showcase their work in Muskegon’s prime location. And eventually become a bustling, thriving marketplace for large and small vendors alike.

Downtown Muskegon started to lose its importance when a local shopping mall was demolished. This left empty lots open along the sidelines with no one to fill the space. After much deliberation, it was decided that small chalets would be given to vendors at a low rate. This idea was so successful that some first-time vendors used their profits to open their storefronts around the same location.

There are 17 chalets up for grabs, and the waiting list is long. The city staff announces who will take up the space and feature their products annually. The diversity of the businesses also increases every year, making it an excellent marketplace for customers seeking variety.

The market runs from May to October, and there is a special holiday market around Christmas and New Year’s Eve. There are also special events at specific hours, so check the market’s timings before visiting.

The Monet Garden of Muskegon

One of Muskegon’s many hidden gems is the Monet Garden, a miniature version of the famous garden in France.

The park has gorgeous water lilies and a picturesque blue bridge. You can walk on a pebbled walkway that will lead you to a pond and spot archways covered in roses. Every plant that is featured in this garden is a replica of the ones in the original Monet garden.

The garden’s maintenance runs on volunteering and donations. The garden enthusiasts plant new saplings every season and meticulously look after its ecosystem. The Monet Garden is also a Monarch Waystation- a place with all the nutrients, resources, and habitat to help monarch butterflies breed and sustain themselves.

Muskegon locals love to come to this quaint garden on a sunny day and enjoy its beauty and peaceful atmosphere.

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