Visitor’s Guide to Canary Inn Bar & Grill

Canary Inn Bar & Grill is known for its delicious American fare. The restaurant is well located in the center of North Muskegon, making it easy to access. Apart from its tempting food menu, it also offers inexpensive cocktails and other beverages.

When you visit Canary Inn Bar & Grill, you can treat yourself to a chilled beer to unwind. The ambiance is relaxed and welcoming, making it a great place to meet your friends after a long work day. It is located at 506 Center Street, North Muskegon, Michigan- 49445. The opening hours are 11 am to 2 am throughout the week.

Canary Inn Bar & Grill is highly commended for its impeccable customer service; the staff is professional, friendly, and warm. The best part about Canary Inn is the wide variety of food available at affordable prices.

What’s on the Menu?

Canary Inn Bar and Grill offers many American delicacies and specializes in providing homely, comfort food. Its homemade chips, soup, and salsa are the showstoppers on its menu. If you are looking for appetizers, you can try the deep-fried mushrooms, green beans, or cauliflower.

A dish that has a huge fan following at the Canary Inn Bar and Grill is the yellow belly fried perch. It is one of the restaurant’s signature dishes and is tasty and quite popular among visitors. You could also try its salad options for a healthier choice or indulge in the patty melt sandwich.

The burgers, nachos supreme, walleye, clam strips, and shrimp coated in a special sauce and served over a bed of lettuce and fries are some of the delicious dishes on the menu. Daily meal specials at Canary Inn Bar & Grill include chili dogs, tacos, and pork sliders. Additionally, it offers a classic breakfast and innovative meals like the one-of-a-kind hash brown soup.

Some of the notable items on the menu are:

  • Canary’s Pizza Pie

  • Starters- Pork rinds, Stuffed Jalapeno poppers, Polish roses

  • Mixed greens- Taco salad, Chef salad

  • Sandwiches- Perch sandwich, Cold beef Reuben

  • Burgers- Hamburger, Cheeseburger

What are Other Attractions Near the Canary Inn Bar & Grill?

The Canary Inn Bar & Grill is centrally located, with many exciting attractions nearby. Make sure to visit these attractions when you’re in the area.

  • Pere Marquette Park: Pere Marquette is home to one of the nicest beaches in the United States. The park has beaches with sugar sand, facilities for windsurfing and paddle boarding, hiking paths, vistas of lighthouses, a bustling restaurant and bar, and unrivaled views of  Lake Michigan.

  • USS Silversides Submarine Museum: This museum showcases the thrilling journey of the USS Silversides, the most successful WWII submarine. The museum is fantastic for kids since it has many interactive displays and helps them learn about naval history. Visitors can use an actual sub periscope and gaze through it, climb on the turret of the USS Drum, and sit at the submarine’s controls.

  • Michigan’s Adventure: Get ready for an adrenaline rush as you try this amusement park’s amazing rides and attractions. It is the state’s largest park and a great place to spend the day with family and friends.

  • USS LST 393: The exhibit provides a historical account of USS LST 393, an LST-1 class tank used by the US Navy during World War 2. She is one of the two LSTs to survive in the original configuration, making this attraction unique.

  • Muskegon State Park: The park has breathtaking shorelines and incredible scenic beauty, making it the perfect spot for picnics and photography.

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