Visitor’s Guide to Michigan's Adventure

Michigan’s Adventure is an amusement park that features over 50 rides and an outdoor water park in Muskegon. So, if you love roller coasters and high-speed water rides, this place is a must-visit.

What’s the history behind Michigan’s Adventure?

The park was originally a petting zoo called Deer Park when it was founded in 1956. Over the years, the zoo has transitioned into an amusement park by adding multiple rides every year.

One of the most notable transitions happened in 2001 when the famous entertainment company Cedar Fair purchased Michigan’s Adventure and added most of its existing rides. Since this acquisition, restaurants, a beer garden, water rides, live shows, entertainment activities, and more have become an integral part of Michigan Adventure’s lineup.

What will you find at Michigan’s Adventure?

At the entrance of the park, you’ll find an intensity rating for all the rides through which you can decide the rides you are willing to enjoy. This rating goes from low to aggressive in terms of the amount of thrill the rides provide. These can be quite handy for those who enjoy certain rides but don’t want their blood pumping and adrenaline going through the roof.

Alternatively, this can also be quite useful for the adrenaline junkies among you, as with the help of these markings, you can discern which rides will be the most thrilling. The most popular attractions are its roller coasters. The first roller coaster ride, the Corkscrew, was introduced in 1979 and this was the first step taken in transitioning the deer park into an amusement park.

The park has a Snoopy-inspired playground for children and a mini golf course, situated near the lake. The golf course has various difficulty levels with exciting obstacles. Another notable attraction at the amusement park is the water rides that are part of Wildwater Adventure water park. This park was introduced in 1990 and you can use one ticket to access both parks.

You can also visit the petting zoo that is still operational under the name Funland Farm and has exciting animals like a mini horse and llamas.

Michigan’s Adventure is open from May-September. The opening dates are subject to change so we recommend calling ahead and booking tickets before your visit.

What are some things to consider before visiting Michigan’s Adventure?

Michigan’s Adventure is a combination of both amusement and water park, and therefore, there are plenty of things that you need to carry for a full-fledged experience. We have summarized some things that you must know before visiting the park.

  • Download the appMichigan Adventure has an app with information about the waiting time for rides, their height/weight restrictions, and the park map. This information helps you to preplan your visit, the rides accessible to you, where to go first according to the length of the line, and more.

  • Check the weather– Muskegon’s weather can vary, so make sure there are no chances of rain or storms. In such weather, the rides are shut down and you won’t be left with many things to do at the park.

  • Arrive early– The popular rides have a longer wait time, the sooner you reach the park, the shorter the line is going to be. This also helps you get a good parking spot.

  • Go cashless– Since the pandemic, Michigan’s Adventure has become cashless. You can either pay through a card or make an online payment. You also have an option to load a card after a one-time payment and that card can be used for all payments within the park.

  • Carry a change of clothes– If you plan to visit both sides of the park (water and dry), we recommend carrying a change of clothes. Water slides also restrict accessories, so make sure you take those off before you go on the water rides.

Michigan’s Adventure is an exciting park, full of activities and attractions for people of all ages. You can expect thrill, relaxation, and a lot of fun. We hope this guide has helped you plan your trip to Michigan’s Adventure. When you visit the city for the adventure park, don’t forget to shop with us at Body and Mind Dispensary.

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