Visitor’s Guide to Muskegon State Park

Planning on visiting Lake Michigan? We know just the spot! Muskegon State Park, located on the banks of Lake Michigan, is an excellent place to relax and enjoy the breathtaking view. The park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area and is a perfect place to camp and relax during your visit to Lake Michigan.

The park houses its own lakeshore beach, several hiking trails, and a boat harbor where you can rent boats for the day. You can visit the place with your crew, smoke some of our premium weed, and make the most of your trip up north. With incredibly scenic views, chilly weather, and a beautiful azure lake in front of you, the shore of Lake Michigan makes the perfect spot for a relaxing outing.

What is Muskegon State Park known for?

The park is known as a winter adventure wonderland among the locals. It houses a luge track where Mark Grimmette, a member of the American Olympic squad, began his training. If winter sports like skiing and sledding interest you, we highly recommend visiting the place. The park has 12 miles of groomed, designated trails with 8 miles of illuminated pathways for cross-country skiers of all skill levels, making it perfect for hiking. Additionally, it contains a replica of a blockhouse from an old fort that looks out over dunes and Lake Michigan.

Other amenities present here include a luge track designed by an olympian, an ice skating path through the woods, a sledding hill, cross-country ski trails, zip line runs, and archery ranges. Muskegon State Park is also a go-to spot for camping. The park has mini-cabins, a yurt, and modern/semi-modern campsites where dozens of camps are held each week. The State Park is a paradise if you are an adventure junkie.

Track chairs are another unique amenity offered by Muskegon State Park. Thanks to this, visitors can now explore parts of the park previously inaccessible in a wheelchair. The chairs are designed to work in off-road conditions, so thick snow or even up to 8 inches of water won’t be a problem for visitors. The park also has several ramps that help make all the amenities wheelchair accessible.

What are the major attractions at Muskegon State Park?

Here’s a comprehensive list of activities you can indulge in while at Muskegon State Park :

  • Watching the sunset on the beach

  • Walking alongside Lake Michigan while smoking one of our premium pre-rolls.

southbound picturesque drive

  • Visiting Snug Harbour: Boat launches, parking, picnic pavilions, grilling, swimming, fishing, and hiking routes through forested dunes to Lake Michigan are all available at Snug Harbour.

  • Hiking across dunes at the Dune Ridge Trail

  • Channel Beach: Channel Beach deserves a special mention because of its close proximity to the Muskegon Channel and its famous big red lighthouse.

While most people prefer camping/picnicking at the park, we highly recommend trying out the winter adventure sports. Most of these tracks/rinks are designed by state Olympians who wanted to give back to the place where they first fell in love with their sport. This means that the tracks are all exceptionally well made and maintained and designed especially for people who want to try their hand at adventure sports.

We hope this guide helped you plan your trip to Muskegon State Park better. A couple of things that you must carry with you to the park are a change of clothes, heavy boots, and jackets if you visit during the winter, and some grade weed from Body and Mind, Muskegon. We at Body and Mind aim to make your trip to Lake Michigan as memorable and relaxing as possible. How?

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