Visitor’s Guide to the Lakeshore Museum Center

Your trip to Muskegon County is incomplete without a visit to the Lakeshore Museum Center. The institute is an umbrella for seven historic sites and museums which aims to make visitors aware of Muskegon’s natural and cultural history. You will find various exhibits, showcases, and events at each museum to better understand the city’s journey over the last 400 million years.

What to expect at the Lakeshore Museum Center?

The Lakeshore Museum Center is divided into several historic sites and museums. Each site focuses on a unique aspect of Muskegon’s past.

Historic Sites

These sites are open to the public for viewing between May and October and take you on tours that explain the sites through programs and events for a deeper understanding.

Hackley and Hume Historic Site

The Hackley and Hume Historic Site is further split into the Hackley House and the Hume House. Charles Hackley and Thomas Hume were partners in business in the late 1800s and shared a city barn between their place of residence for many years. A city barn is a large area often shared between families to rear cattle and house horses. This city barn was a beautiful amalgamation of district features from both houses, like the dome from the Hackley’s and the turret from the Hume’s.

Hackley House followed notes of the Victorian era and decorative embellishments in its interiors. It was restored to its 1890s appearance by artisans from Chicago and New York, who worked painstakingly to return the elaborate interior stenciling and 13-color exterior to its original glory.

The Hume House comprises nine bedrooms and spacious living areas, which are simple yet comfortable. The house also contains a large dining room, a beautiful library, geometric tile flooring, and a fully restored 14-color exterior.

You can see all these details closely when you visit the Hackley and Hume Historic Site.

The Scolnik House of the Depression Era

The Scolnik House of the Depression Era tells the tales of the Scolnik family who lived in Muskegon during The Great Depression. The house has been extensively renovated and allows you to see carpets, wallpapers, furniture, and radios from the 1930s. Visitors can experience the lives of people who lived there by trying on period clothing, learning about the laundry methods, and exploring the gardens.

The Fire Barn Museum

In the 19th century, fires were a constant problem in Muskegon. After two devastating fires, the city constructed a firehouse, and the original C. H. Hackley Hose Company No. 2 was formed in December 1875.

In 1976, the Muskegon Heritage Society and the City of Muskegon decided to build a re-creation of the C. H. Hackley Hose Company No. 2 building.

The Fire Barn Museum showcases the evolution of firefighting equipment and was created in 1976 to honor the brave firefighters of Muskegon. It became part of the Lakeshore Museum Center in 1989.

The Muskegon Museum of History and Science

The Muskegon Museum of History and Science aims to expand the mind through activities and events suitable for families and adults. You can go through the various permanent exhibits that showcase Muskegon’s flora and fauna through the years.

The museum also has visual showcases and open-house-style activities tailored for children to teach them about the human anatomy. Don’t forget to check out the state-of-the-art STEM center, which is now open with limited capacity.

Muskegon Heritage Museum

The Muskegon Heritage Museum aims to give you a more detailed look into the city’s history through rotating exhibits and interactive programs.

You can look forward to exhibits about old machines and the inner workings of how they run. The museum also has a special exhibition to honor and celebrate the town’s black-owned businesses. Some interactive activities include getting a personal bookmark printed on a working printing press and a better understanding of where and how the local crops grow in Muskegon.

Lakeshore Museum Center is a delight to visit and a great place to hang out with your friends or family when you visit the city. It has fun activities for all age groups and teaches you about the vibrant history of Muskegon. Make sure you look up the timings beforehand as they change according to the season.

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