Visitor’s Guide to the Muskegon County Convention and Visitors Bureau

Whether you’ve visited Muskegon, Michigan many times or are planning your first trip to the city, you can gain a lot of information from the Muskegon County Convention and Visitors Bureau. The government agency is located in Muskegon’s historic Union Depot and offers free tourism information and planning assistance for group tours, vacations, family reunions, weddings, and conferences.

You can also visit the website ( to scan all the options on outdoors, parks, recreation, sports, restaurants, hotels, the best time to visit, easiest ways to get around, and much more.

Muskegon is also known for seasonal events and exhibitions, and you can make your trip more memorable by choosing the dates on which they fall. Since it is situated on the shores of Lake Michigan, Muskegon is a favorite among lovers of maritime culture. The Bureau can help you identify the best spots to explore the city. Apart from parks and the outdoor, you can also visit museums and art galleries. Whatever your requirement, there is always a helping hand available at the Muskegon County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

What are some of the outdoor and recreation options in Muskegon?

There are many options for outdoor exploration and recreation in Muskegon, and it’ll take a month to visit them all. From parks teeming with wildlife and trails to amusement hubs, Muskegon will never cease to amaze any adventure lover.

Hoffmaster State Park

A haven for outdoor lovers, the Hoffmaster State Park is one of the most frequented national parks in Muskegon County. Located near Grand Haven, this park has breathtaking trails which can be explored by cycling and trekking. If you have a penchant for skiing, a trip to this park with your crew could be delightful in the winter.

Muskegon County Parks

There are multiple parks in the area, and you can visit these to play sports with your friends or just take in the breathtaking views. These parks include:

  • Blue Lake Park

  • Pioneer Park

  • Meinert Park

  • Moore Park

  • Patterson Park

  • Dune Harbor Park

Michigan’s Adventure

Adored by amusement lovers, Michigan’s Adventure and WildWater Adventure Waterpark is a giant amusement park that offers endless options for your group. It has over 60 rides, slides, and attractions, including seven thrilling roller coasters. Michigan’s Adventure has something for everyone and is a great way to spend time with your family.

What are some options for art and culture lovers in Muskegon?

Muskegon’s culture reflects the quintessence of a port city. It was home to renowned lumbar barons in the 1800s, whose legacy lives on in vintage homes, architecture, museums, and art.

Hackley and Hume Historic Site

This site features two houses from the late nineteenth century. Owned by Charles Hackley and Thomas Hume, they portray Victorian architecture and diverse memorabilia from those days. A historic site tour is a great way to explore the region’s history.


For history lovers, the most interesting places to visit in Muskegon are:

  • The White River Light Station Museum

  • The USS Silversides Submarine Museum

  • The Fire Barn Museum

Art Galleries

If you’re an avid art lover, you’ll enjoy browsing these galleries:

  • The Muskegon Museum of Art

  • The Red Lotus Gallery

  • The Off The Wall Gallery

What are some of the options for food and shopping in Muskegon?

Whether you’re a foodie or love to shop, you’ll find plenty of places of interest in Muskegon.

The Lakes Mall

The Lakes Mall in Fruitport Charter Township is a haven for shopaholics and a great place to unwind with your mates.

Some of the other options for food and shopping are:

  • The Sherman Center

  • The Park Row Mall

  • The Lakeside Cafe

  • El Tapatio

  • The Cherokee Restaurant

What is the best season to visit Muskegon?

Muskegon is great throughout the year but if you want to make your trip extra special, plan a visit between May and September so you can enjoy the many parks and outdoor spaces. Traveling in the city is hassle-free, and you can book a cab or take a bus.

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