Visitor’s Guide to the Muskegon Museum of Art

If you are an art connoisseur who could spend hours staring at the intricacies of a renowned painting or if you just generally enjoy walking around museums, you should visit the Muskegon Museum of Art while in Muskegon.

The intimate museum is famous for its fine collection of various American and European sculptures, prints, drawings, and paintings. In addition, you can explore its permanent collection gallery, where works by prominent artists such as Edward Hopper, John Steuart Curry, William Merritt Chase, and many more are featured.

One of the highlights of the museum is the MMA studio glass collection. This display is one of the most prominent in the Midwest. The fine collection has works from artists like Richard Royal, Dick Huss, Dominick Labino, Harvey Littleton, and Dale Chihuly. The exhibition also showcases collections of vintage Tiffany and Steuben lamps and glasswork alongside artifacts from the pioneering days of contemporary studio glass.

You can also plan your visit to Muskegon to experience the museum’s rotating exhibitions; it has 16-20 exhibits yearly. The rotating shows accommodate a wide range of collections, from nationwide travel to contemporary regional and Michigan artist shows.

You should also visit the museum for its educational programs. The museum holds programs such as workshops, films, lectures, classes, and gallery tours to educate the visitors. It also hosts field trips for school children to help foster creativity and critical thinking.

The Museum Gift Shop also has a range of magnets, keyrings, postcards, books, and mugs that you can purchase souvenirs for your family and friends at the museum gift shop. Moreover, the gift shop sells original works by regional artists, including jewelry, pottery, paintings, and prints.

What is the mission of the museum?

The Muskegon Museum of Art was built on the pedestals of artistic appreciation and a tradition of aesthetic excellence. The museum is dedicated to promoting and fostering the life-long study and acknowledgment of visual arts. The museum is committed to strengthening, preserving, and exhibiting its collections so that the art has a broader outreach. The Muskegon’s Museum of Art offers a wide range of traditional and modern exhibitions. The museum is ideal for increasing community support and engagement in a welcoming, accessible, and safe environment.

What is unique about the museum?

Originally called the Hackley Art Gallery, the Muskegon Museum of Art has been open since 1912. Today, the Muskegon Museum of Art, one of the Midwest’s most regarded art museums, provides a comprehensive calendar of special exhibits, a famous permanent collection, and a museum gift shop. The first annual Experience Michigan’s Best Of 2019 reader’s choice survey ranked it the favorite Michigan museum.

While visiting the museum, you will have the opportunity to explore beautiful artwork, photography, clay pots, glass crafts, and more. The museum curators change the exhibitions regularly to enrich presentations from the museum’s well-known collection.

What are other attractions near the museum?

The Muskegon Museum of Art is a collection of artistic magic and secrets. You can explore the museum alone or with your crew. The museum also has other attractions nearby that will excite you. You should try these places nearby while you visit the Muskegon Museum of Art:

  • Pere Marquette Park

  • USS Silversides Submarine Museum

  • Hoffmaster State Park

  • Hackley and Hume Historic Site

  • Michigan’s Adventure

  • USS LST 393

  • Muskegon State Park

  • Heritage Landing

  • Kruse Park

  • The Monet Garden of Muskegon

Among these locations, you can take a walk around the parks and enjoy quality time close to nature. You could also try the different restaurants nearby and experience the MidWest culinary prowess.

When can you visit the museum?

The museum’s opening hours are generally from 11:00 am- 5:00 pm, and it is closed on Mondays. It is located at 296 W Webster Avenue, Muskegon, Michigan 49440. You have to purchase a ticket from the museum shop to enter, and they are priced at $10 for adults, $8 for senior citizens, $6 for students, and free for children under 16. Moreover, the museum hosts ‘free Thursdays’ where general admission is complimentary.

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