Visitor’s Guide to USS LST

Would you want to walk where the heroes once walked and experience an artifact of American history? Visit the USS LST in downtown Muskegon. The ship is a tank-landing vessel of the US Navy from the WW2 era (one out of the only two that remain!)

It presently resides in Muskegon, Michigan, as a museum ship open to history buffs like you. It is a nationally renowned veterans museum full of artifacts and displays that honor historical figures who served the country and fought for it. You can visit the ship if you’re in Muskegon and are looking to have an exciting day out with your family.

USS LST is open every day from 10 am to 4 pm. The adult tickets will cost you $10; for students, it is $5. For children under 5, the tickets are free. You can visit the LST 393 museum at 50 Mart Street, Muskegon, MI 49440.

What is unique about USS LST?

LSTs were renowned for their remarkable ability to take punishment and escape enemy fire unscathed during World War II. Despite being referred to as “Large Stationary Targets,” (hence the name) by irreverent crew members, the LSTs sustained minimal casualties compared to their size.

Only two LSTs (Landing Ship Tanks) out of the 1,051 built during World War II are currently operational, and LST 393 at Muskegon is one among them. The USS LST 393 Veterans Museum was a Michigan-based non-profit to preserve and restore the historical wartime ship.

The USS LST 393 museum mission statement: “To restore USS LST 393 and preserve the ship for future generations, to honor all American veterans from all branches of the service and all eras, and to develop a veterans museum to educate America’s youth and the general public about the role of those who served in the armed forces.” signifies why the ship is so important and what makes it a living landmark of American history. The museum is a great place for you and your crew to visit and be fascinated by a very important chapter of American history.

What can you do at USS LST?

There are a lot of things you can explore inside this museum. The place includes fascinating galleries, artifacts, and even a gift shop, where you can get charming souvenirs for your friends and family. Here are some attractions at the USS LST museum.

  • Tours: You can visit the museum and discover the USS LST 393 firsthand with a self-guided tour. The staff provides you with a detailed map (which lists the location of all artifacts and places of interest) that you can use for this. The staff at the USS LST 393 is exceptionally courteous and will provide you with any other supplementary material/physical help that you might need.

  • Rent the ship: The USS LST 393 is a distinctive, historic venue available for hosting your upcoming personal, corporate, or public events. It’s also an excellent location for a private party.

  • Buy unique gifts: You may purchase presents and souvenirs from their gift shop when visiting the USS LST 393. The gift shop offers a massive variety of clothes, books, little mementos, and many nautical-themed products for all tastes and price ranges.

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