Visitor's Guide to Fort Ord Community Dog Park

Looking for things to do in California? Visit Seaside! The coastal town on California’s Monterey Bay is blessed with beautiful oceanic views and plenty of greenery.

The town makes an excellent vacation spot for people traveling with family because there’s something for everyone here. The adults can enjoy exhilarating adventure sports like kayaking and parasailing while the kids enjoy fun playdates and day picnics at one of the many beautiful parks in the city.

But wait, what about your beloved pet? Seaside has you covered! The town is home to several pet-friendly parks and community establishments where you can take your pets out for a fun day in the sun.

One of the town’s most famous pet parent hotspots is the Fort Ord Community Dog Park. Complete with all the amenities you and your dog might need and an incredibly pet-friendly neighborhood, the park makes an excellent leisure spot for pet parents.

What to expect at the park?

The Fort Ord Community Dog Park boasts large water fountains, vast open spaces, and a dog-loving community.

The park doesn’t usually see a lot of crowds, so it is a great place to visit if your dog doesn’t do well in crowded spaces. If the park is not too crowded when you visit, you can feel free to let your dog loose and play a game of fetch. In addition, the entire park perimeter is fitted with a fence, so you don’t have to worry about your dog escaping the park or any accidents. Nevertheless, keep an eye on your pet because some park visitors reported weakened fence areas and are skeptical about its safety.

What to know before you visit?

Before visiting the Fort Ord Community Dog Park, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • No parking spots are available near the park, so walking or public transport might be the best idea.

  • There are few shaded regions available at this park, so avoid visiting on a hot day. Instead, the best time to visit this park would be around early mornings or late evenings when you can enjoy the cool breeze.

  • Be careful not to accidentally stumble onto any poison ivy, which you can find growing towards the back end of the park.

Overall, the park is slightly remote and older, but it’s an excellent place to avoid the crowds.

What are some other dog-friendly activities in Seaside?

Your dog deserves the best, and Seaside has a lot of fantastic activity spots that can help you ensure it. If you’re looking for some other dog-friendly activities in Seaside to make sure your dog has a good time, here are some things you can do:

1) Take your dog whale watching. If they’re friendly and relatively calm around people and other animals, you’ll have a fantastic time on this one-of-a-kind experience with your pet.

2) Take your dog to a pet-friendly beach, and let them run free on the warm sand by the coast.

3) Go on a pet-friendly hike. There are a couple of good hiking options for you to choose from, like the Garland Ranch Regional Park or the Jacks Peak Country Park. However, ensure that you always keep your dog on a leash and that they can obey your voice commands.

4) Take your dog along when you go shopping. You can enjoy pet-friendly shopping at multiple places in Seaside. In fact, many businesses offer your dog treats and water, so that your four legged friend remains happy while you shop.

5) Go for a dinner date with your dog. Several restaurants in Seaside offer pet-friendly dining, and you can also visit pet-friendly wineries here.

If you’re traveling with a pet, Seaside is the ideal destination to ensure that you and your dog have a great holiday and spend quality time together.

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