Visitor's Guide to German Restaurant Stammtisch

If you find yourself on Fremont Boulevard with a sudden hankering for delectable blood sausages or bratwurst, the aptly named German restaurant Stammtisch is there for you!

In German culture, Stammtisch is the table or seat reserved at every bar-restaurant or family dining table for regulars, close friends, and family. However, the restaurant isn’t named Stammitsch just for the sake of it; locals describe the service and ambiance to be unparalleled. Often the owners will be there waiting for you, carefully offering recommendations and ensuring you have the best experience possible.

The food

As you could’ve guessed from the overwhelmingly positive reviews this place has on Yelp, the food here is phenomenal. Traditionally, German cooking is all about meats and potatoes; this means most culinary creativity is shown through the meats.

The chefs play with unorthodox flavors like savory meat sausages and the crispy pork belly and add a subtle twist with sweet or sour after tones. These add a whole layer of depth to the food and elevates the experience thousandfold.

The preparation of the meats also plays a massive role in their extremely rich flavor and taste. Dishes like the duck sausages and the cured pork choke, which just fall off the bone, are delectable due to the lengthy process of prepping the meat and marinating it for days. This locks in the flavor and moisture in the meat, resulting in the most tender and soft cuts of beef, pork, and chicken you’ll see on this side of the beach.

The drinks

What’s a German meal without a local beer or lager complementing it? Stammtisch offers Hofbrau lager and Konig Pilsner on tap with various imported German beers like Erdinger, Augustiner, and Radler in bottles for you to enjoy a truly German meal.

When it comes to ordering drinks, choosing the right beer at a German restaurant is arguably more important than picking the food. So here’s a little guide on the general taste profile for German beers and how to order one yourself.

Pale beers

Things like pilsners and similar light beers fall into this category. Despite being quite hard to make, these are one of the most popular styles of beer in Germany. However, they are best suited to those unfamiliar with the intense flavor profiles of more traditional beers. Generally consisting of a light, crisp and clear flavor, they make for an excellent pairing for any food as they don’t overpower the food but also act as a decent palate cleanser in between dishes.

Dark beers

Immensely popular during the winter months, these are generally reserved for beer enthusiasts with a broad palate and lots of experience with beer. Generally containing 7-9% alcohol, these tend to hit you harder and have a strong earthy taste. However, depending on the beer, they can be light and effervescent, too, like the Schwarzbier. Making an excellent pairing for meats and more meaty dishes, these are an excellent choice for you if you plan to devour a lot of meat on your visit to Stammtisch.

The ambiance

With lush plants and beautiful German furniture, the Stammtisch has an excellent outside seating area for you to enjoy the fresh air and sunlight with your meals. Alternatively, if you would prefer to sit inside, they have a rustic and European vibe with hardwood and brown tones everywhere. Overall the place is well maintained, has wonderful service, and even better food. So, if you’re ever in the area, definitely consider stopping by for a meal at the Stammtisch.

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