Visitor's Guide to Gusto Handcrafted Pasta and Pizza

If you love the Italian fare and want to savor authentic pasta and pizza in Seaside, California, you can’t miss Gusto Handcrafted Pasta and Pizza. Located at 1901 Fremont Boulevard, Seaside, the restaurant is famous for its handcrafted pasta and pizza.

Providing delectable and authentic Italian cuisine in the heart of Seaside, Gusto Handcrafted Pasta and Pizza is known for its exceptional quality food. Gusto’s ambiance is warm and lively and customers enjoy the friendly atmosphere.

With unmatched customer service, it’s a great place to dine with your family and friends.

Gusto is open for lunch from Wednesday to Sunday from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm. For dinner, it’s open from 4:30 pm to 8 pm from Sunday to Thursday and from 4:30 pm to 9 pm on Friday and Saturday.

Why should you visit Gusto?

Gusto is devoted to serving the best homemade pasta and wood-fired pizza. This festive family-owned restaurant pays homage to Executive Chef Michele Cremonese’s family – the recipes are inspired by them. The chef and his team also highlight and promote local and seasonal ingredients.

If you are looking for Italian and Californian wines, the restaurant has a fully functioning bar. Gusto’s specialty cocktails and craft beer are also really popular.

Gusto’s primary focus is to maintain the Italian standards and authenticity in their dishes by supporting local producers and directly sourcing staples from Italy. The restaurant thrives on its casual vibe, amazing service, and amiable staff.

The dishes at Gusto are an amalgam of flavorful ingredients, traditional recipes, and innovative twists. The restaurant opened in 2015, and since, it has shared its passion for good food with thousands of customers. The restaurant believes in the magic of Italian cuisine and retains the original Italian flavors by preparing everything from scratch.

How is Gusto’s menu designed?

Gusto offers an extensive menu with a plethora of choices, meticulously designed to suit a wide range of customers’ palates. You have an all-day menu, a pizza menu, a lunch menu, a children’s menu, beverages, and desserts to choose from. Among all the dishes they offer, Gusto’s handcrafted pizza and pasta stand out the most.

How is the pizza handcrafted?

The secret to a good pizza lies in the crust. The whole process of curating an amazing pizza at Gusto’s begins with the crust. To preserve the essence of Italian cooking techniques and flavors, the wheat flour needed for the crust is directly imported from Il Mulino Sobrino Farine in Northern Italy. With this flour, you get a thin and crunchy crust.

To go with the fine crust, the restaurant has a simple sauce bursting with fresh umami flavors of locally picked tomatoes. Topped with housemade buffalo mozzarella cheese and other fresh toppings, each pizza is baked for a few minutes in the restaurant’s wood-fired ovens that heat to roughly 800 degrees. The flavor and smells are enhanced by the crust rising as a result of this procedure. The outcome is a delicious pizza that reflects authentic Italian flavors.

What is the pasta-making process?

Gusto’s handcrafted pasta is made by its sister company, Bigoli Fresh Pasta. The executive Chef has been devoted to creating the best artisan pasta possible through Gusto since 2012. The sentimental value associated with Gusto’s pasta is that it represents an ode to Cremonese’s Italian heritage in Verona, Italy. This makes the whole pasta-making process extremely personal. What you taste is not just food but also art that reflects Italian heritage.

You must visit Bigoli Fresh Pasta in Sand City, CA, to experience the legacy. The pasta is made by utilizing traditional family recipes, local organic products, wild seafood, special organic flour, and eggs. Through the restaurant, Bigoli has come to be recognized for its high-quality pasta.

Gusto is known for its modern and casual ambiance that pays homage to true Italian origins. Upon arrival, the wood-fired oven, the buzz of conversation, and the aroma of freshly made Italian food greet visitors. All in all, Gusto Handcrafted Pasta and Pizza offers the perfect dining experience.

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