Visitor’s Guide to Seaside Yoga Sanctuary

Make Seaside, California, your next soothing getaway. Seaside is located on the incredibly scenic Monterey Bay, a quaint, nature-loving community perfect for a relaxing family getaway. What better way to relax than to do some yoga?

The Seaside Yoga Sanctuary at Carmel Plaza, Seaside, is open to everyone who wishes to practice yoga in its true essence. This yoga studio by the Seaside Yoga Sanctuary offers diverse programs suitable for regular practitioners, people new to yoga, and prenatal classes specially designed for expecting mothers.

The Sanctuary provides indoor yoga classes in the studio and outdoor classes by the beach. Not to forget, you can always explore their library of video classes available with every Seaside Yoga Sanctuary pass, or you can also purchase a separate video library pass for $33.

The video library serves as a beneficial archive for learners who prefer continuing their classes from the comfort of their own homes. The videos are all curated for learners with different levels of yoga proficiency, from beginners to advanced practitioners who enjoy guided exercises.

Yoga Classes at Seaside Yoga Sanctuary 

Here are some of the many classes worth trying out when you’re visiting the Seaside Yoga Sanctuary:

  • Hatha Yoga for learning alignment and breath control postures.

  • Beginners Yoga to learn the fundamentals of yogic postures.

  • Restorative Yoga to learn how to release stress, calm your mind and rejuvenate mental energy.

  • Gentle Yoga to build flexibility and stability in your body.

  • Therapeutic Yoga for those recovering from injuries and trying to enhance mental toughness for accelerating healing.

  • Iyengar Yoga for a focused mind.

  • Prenatal Yoga for the expectant mother and the unborn baby’s better health, helping with childbirth.

  • Postnatal Yoga for strengthening postpartum care of the mother and her child.

Apart from these, Seaside Yoga Sanctuary has classes for kids between 5-11 years of age to support them in developing mindfulness at a young age. In addition, people who want to adopt yoga as a career can learn from their 200-hour Teacher Training and Advanced Studies Program.

Class Pass

There are different categories of passes accessible per the learner’s needs and requirements. You can purchase a single class pass ranging from $18 to $22 or a class pass that is valid for 30 days. New students of the Seaside area can avail of a consecutive ten days pass for $40.

A yoga enthusiast can avail of two class passes for $39, four classes for $70, eight classes for $122, and unlimited guided yoga classes for $144.

Remember that all class passes last 30 days and include unlimited access to the yoga video library. The studio instructors also provide private sessions. You can buy a pass online or at the studio. In addition, community free classes are available every Friday and Sunday.

Outdoor Yoga

Seaside Yoga Sanctuary focuses on building strength, mindfulness, flexibility, and mental health through its classes and a vibrant yoga community. Outdoor yoga near the coastal Seaside area amid the sound of waves is the most beautiful class at Seaside Yoga Sanctuary.

The serene outdoor settings inspire you to connect with your surroundings, develop inner strength, and engage with yourself deeply at a spiritual level. Unfortunately, the studio has limited seating capacity. Consider joining outdoor classes to boost your yogic spirits. Moreover, yoga near Carmel-by-the-sea is an experience worth living in Seaside.

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