Visitor’s Guide to Memphis & Arkansas Bridge

West Memphis is the largest city in Crittenden County, Arkansas, and a paradise for tourists who love music, history, and barbecues. If you are looking for splendid views of the Mississippi River, you must take a road trip via the Memphis-Arkansas Bridge. It is often known as the “Old Bridge” and carries Interstate 55 routes from Memphis, Tennessee, to West Memphis, Arkansas.

What is the history of the Memphis-Arkansas Bridge?

The Memphis-Arkansas Bridge was built in the mid-20th century to manage the ever-growing traffic on the wagonways of the Harahan Bridge. It joins the two bridges of Frisco Bridge and Harahan Bridge.

The total structural strength of the Memphis-Arkansas Bridge is 5,222 feet. It was designed by Modjeski and Masters, the firm founded by Ralph Modjeski, who also designed the Harahan Bridge in 1916.

The construction process began on 12th September 1945, and the bridge was officially opened to traffic on 17th December 1949. In 2001, Memphis-Arkansas Bridge was added to the National Register of Historic Places list.

What can you do when you’re around Memphis-Arkansas Bridge?

You must visit Beale Street in Memphis, Tennesse, popularly known as  the “Home of the Blues.” Visitors can look at the iconic landmarks and the beautiful musical venues that thrive here. The best time to visit Beale Street is at night when you can enjoy the nightclubs, the dining options, and the entertainment shops.

Lafayette’s Music Room, in particular, is known for having excellent live music every night. There also are many music venues and open concert grounds across the city of Memphis.

If you’re traveling with children, you should head to Memphis Zoo and spend the day marveling at the wildlife exhibits. You can pre-book many exciting activities, such as Wildlife Wishes, Zoo Snooze, or Zoo Strolls. The Zoo has seven restaurants and cafes, offering a variety of dishes ranging from hotdogs and pizzas to cotton candy and jumbo pretzels.

If you’re in for a more adventurous evening, you can take the trail on the Harahan Bridge parallel to the Memphis-Arkansas Bridge. You can either walk or bike the course that provides spectacular views of the Mississippi River and the neighboring bridge, the Memphis-Arkansas Bridge.

If you’re a fan of Elvis Presley, you should head to the Arcade Restaurant, which was a favorite of the famous singer. Its sweet potato pancakes are a local favorite! You can also drop by the Stax Museum of American Soul Music which pays tribute to Isaac, Otis, Booker T., Sam & Dave.

What is the best time to see the Memphis-Arkansas Bridge?

The best time to see the Memphis-Arkansas Bridge is during sunset. The bridge is beautifully lit up, and the mesmerizing sunset in the background makes for a picture-perfect moment.

What is the weather like in Memphis?

Memphis experiences hot and muggy summers between June and September and cold, wet, and windy winters during December and January. The average temperature throughout the year varies from  33°F to 90°F and is rarely below 19°F or above 96°F.

What is the best time to visit Memphis?

The best time to visit this city is between April and May or October and November when the weather is mild. You can visit Memphis in November and February if you’re on a budget trip.

What is the unique architectural style of the Memphis-Arkansas Bridge?

The Memphis-Arkansas Bridge was constructed using continuous truss, warren truss with verticals, and through truss bridge.  The bridge’s five Warren through trusses measure a length of 790 feet each. The bridge measures a total length of 5,222 feet and a width of 52 feet.

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