Visitor’s Guide to the VIP Bar & Grill

West Memphis, Arkansas, is known for its vibrant nightlife. While exploring the city, drop by the VIP Bar & Grill to enjoy the food, drinks, and lively atmosphere. This bar is always abuzz with chefs dishing out multiple meat delicacies; if you’re fond of steaks, barbeques, and grills, this is the pub to head to.

VIP Bar & Grill serves various beverages, including wine, hard liquor, beer, and cocktails. The pub is known to hire some of the best bartenders in town who can whip up custom drinks as per your tastes.

How to get to the VIP Bar & Grill in West Memphis?

The VIP Bar & Grill is located at 111 N 10th Street, West Memphis, down the road from the West Memphis Public Library. If you’re driving or taking a cab to the place, the fastest route is via E Broadway Blvd.

What to expect from your visit to the VIP Bar & Grill in West Memphis?

The VIP Bar & Grill is a highly-rated restaurant and pub in West Memphis, and you can treat yourself to some of the best meat dishes while you’re here. Your mates will fall in love with the delicacies and alcohol on offer. It’s said that the chefs never tire here, so it might be cool if you raise a toast or two in their honor.

The VIP Bar & Grill is also adored for the immense hospitality extended by the pub’s owners. They’re always around while you wine, dine, and enjoy the music. Once you’re done dining, enjoy some hookah drags with your friends. Later in the night, you can also dance to the tunes played by the in-house DJ.

What are the things to do in West Memphis?

Situated in Arkansas’ Crittenden County, West Memphis has a lot in store for everyone. The city was a Spanish colony until the beginning of the nineteenth century, and while you’re here, you’ll enjoy the unique vibe and architecture.

Museums Near VIP Bar & Grill

West Memphis boasts some of Arkansas’s best museums, making it a suitable destination for those interested in history and cultural heritage. Plan a tour of the National Civil Rights Museum and Moraine Hotel to learn more about Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy and assassination.

You can also visit Graceland, Elvis Presley’s home-turned-museum, to understand more about the life and struggles of one of the world’s most iconic rockstars. To pay homage to the countless enslaved people who lost their lives while escaping to the north, visit the Slave Haven and Burkle Estate Museum. It’s a series of tunnels that were used as escape routes. Photography is prohibited here, so keep your cameras away before entering.

Casinos Near VIP Bar & Grill

West Memphis is the home to the gigantic Southland Casino & Racing, and you’d be thrilled by the 1,700 gaming machines on offer. Try the Wheel of Fortune and Reel ‘em in, or bet on greyhounds racing. This casino leaves everyone amazed with its sheer size and aura.

Once you’re done exploring the entertainment options, try the in-house restaurants to kill those hunger pangs. The dining options at Southland Casino include:

  • The Chairman’s Bar

  • The Ignite Steakhouse

  • The Fry House

  • The Grind

  • Sports Bar & Grill

Outdoors Near VIP Bar & Grill

West Memphis has loads of outdoor options, and the Big River Trailhead is extremely popular amongst locals and visitors. It’s a haven for bikers and trekkers and offers stunning views of the Mississippi River. If you crave an adrenaline rush, hit this trail with your mates.

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