How Do I Roll A Joint?

While there are countless ways to blaze, the joint is still the go-to. And while pre-rolls are convenient, real cannabis aficionados are grand masters of roll-craft. Their choices of flower, paper, kief, hash, or even tobacco make a beautiful hand rolled joint a work of art. Master this, and your joints may be enshrined in cannabis legend.

This guide provides the step-by-step of how to roll a proper joint.

What Rolling Supplies Do I Need To Roll A Joint?

Before you can roll, you gotta get the goods:

What Rolling Papers Should I Choose?

So. Many. Choices. While a thin rolling paper lets those terpenes shine, they are unforgiving and often tear while rolling. On the other hand, if your rolling paper is too thick, that sweet weed flavor may get lost in all that burning paper. Hemp paper is a good option for beginners. It’s easy to roll, and not too thin or too thick.

Beyond thickness, there are different rolling paper materials like rice, bamboo or even tobacco leaf. In addition, papers come in different colors and are processed differently. Some white papers are bleached. Some brown papers are raw.

Rolling papers have different sizes, too. The bigger the paper, the bigger the joint. A single wide is good for a party of one. The king slim can make a fatty that will blaze a party of 5, and is a favorite among experienced rollers.

In the end, picking the right rolling paper comes down to what kind of joint you want to roll. Remember, you’re the artist. A thin paper may accentuate the weed’s flavor, but a tobacco leaf can give that true blunt flavor that so many love. If you load your joint with kief or wax, you may want the paper a bit thicker for a slow burn. And if you’re rolling for a group, it’s go big or go home.

What Cannabis Should I Use In My Joint?

This is all about choosing the right cultivar for the desired effect. Generally, sativa is a stimulating strain, Indica is a chill strain, and hybrid strains fall somewhere in between. But cannabis is a complex plant that defies simple classification. Every cultivar has a different cannabinoid and terpene profile. These profiles create the effects of a given cultivar. While you may not understand what cannabinoids and terpenes are in a cultivar, or how they may effect you, your bud tender will. Just ask.

Beyond cannabinoid and terpene profiles, the nose always knows. Breathe that beautiful flower in. Do you connect with that terpene profile or are you repelled by it? Some people like their weed gassy. Others like it fruity. Pick a strain that speaks to you.

Now for the favorite topic of every cannabis connoisseur: Quality. Everyone wants the best weed. It’s a matter of pride. Typically, cannabis grown indoors is higher quality than outdoor or greenhouse. That being said, there’s overlap. Great greenhouse or outdoor may beat shoddy indoor.

The way weed’s trimmed also matters. A hand trim is preferred to machine trim. It shows a higher standard of care and preserves that heavy dusting of trichomes that is so prized. Color also matters. Weed tends to degrade with time and can take on a dingy appearance and stale odor. You want it daisy fresh.

Potency is also something to consider. But don’t believe the hype. Everyone wants to reach for that jar that’s testing over 30%, but high testing weed does not make it the best weed. Cannabinoids and terpenes work together in what’s called the entourage effect. Think of it this way: When you’re at the liquor store, do you buy 180 proof Everclear every time, or do you enjoy a fine wine, a craft beer, or a single malt scotch? Choosing cannabis is no different.

What Is a Grinder?

Time to get your grind on! But this grind makes your life much easier. Cannabis is sticky, dense, and moist. It’s tough to break down small enough to roll a joint that burns properly. It also makes a sticky, stinky mess of your fingers.

A grinder is a short, round canister usually made from metal or plastic. You place cannabis flowers on the teeth inside and twist the jar back and forth so the teeth grind the cannabis to fluff. Cannabis with this consistency is essential to a smooth, uniform burn for your joint.

What Is A Rolling Tray?

A rolling tray is a table accessory that you empty your grinder on, and roll your joint over. It has a flat surface with curved edges to ensure that when cannabis falls from your joint during rolling, the tray catches it.

What Is A Filter Or Crutch?

A filter or crutch is a mouthpiece between the cannabis in the joint and your lips. It prevents unwanted bits of cannabis from reaching your lips or tongue. A filter may also reduce the amount of tar you inhale. In addition, the heat from a joint can burn your fingers or lips. Ouch. Use a crutch as a heat shield.

How Do I Pack My Joint?

You may us a pen, a chopstick, or any thin object to pack the open end of the joint.

What Are The Steps To Roll A Joint?

Now that you have the goods, just follow these steps to reach the pinnacle of cannabis roll-craft.

How Do I Grind Cannabis?

Just pop or twist the lid from the grinder, place the cannabis on the teeth inside, pop the top back on, and twist. The twisting action will grind the weed to the desired consistency. Now pop or twist the bottom from the grinder and dump that fresh ground cannabis onto your rolling tray.

How Do I Create A Crutch Or Filter?

You can buy pre-made crutches from your dispensary, or make a crutch with the instructions below:

Take a thick piece of paper (business cards work great) and cut it into a rectangular shape. It should be about ½ inch wide. Roll the paper into a tube of tight spirals, too close together for cannabis particles to pass through.

How Do I Fill The Rolling Paper With Cannabis?

Place your rolling paper on the rolling tray, adhesive side up and away from you. Place the crutch at the end of the rolling paper where you want your mouthpiece to be. Then sprinkle the weed on the paper in the same line as the crutch. Ensure that the weed is evenly spread across the paper and that the paper is not overstuffed.

How Do I Roll The Joint?

Pick up the rolling paper like a taco, and pinch the paper on one end using your thumb and index finger. Sift the paper back and forth a bit to evenly distribute ground flower. If any falls from the paper, you’re good. That’s what the rolling tray is for!

Now fold the paper in a cylindrical shape with even pressure and tightness. If it’s too loose, the buds will burn unevenly. If it’s too tight, they may not burn at all.

Pro tip: Use your index finger and thumb to hold the crutch side tight and give the joint stability.

How Do I Seal The Joint?

Once you’ve rolled the paper so that the non adhesive side is tucked just under the adhesive side, it’s time to seal the deal. Lick the adhesive then roll the adhesive side over the non adhesive side so the adhesive sticks to the paper and seals the joint.

How Do I Pack The Joint?

The joint should be open on the end opposite the crutch. Use your chopstick or other packing tool to pack the ground flower inside the joint. If you need a bit more to fill it up, use the overflow from the rolling process.

Once your joint is packed, simply twist the paper at that end to seal the joint completely.

Time To Fire Up And Enjoy!

When you hit your joint, the smoke hits your lungs first. The lungs have millions of air sacs called alveoli. The THC, other cannabinoids, and terpenes enter the bloodstream through these air sacs. This entire process takes only a few seconds. You will likely feel the effects almost immediately.

What Are Some Alternate Methods To Smoke Cannabis?

In addition to joints, pipes and bongs are great alternatives to smoke cannabis. Pipes are a convenient method as they are small and portable. Bongs may be larger with elaborate designs. All bongs have a water chamber. When you take a hit from a bong, the water filters and cools the smoke. This makes the hit smooth and clean.

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