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Understanding the Art and Science Behind an Infused Joint

Body and Mind
Body and Mind June 30, 2023

Enter the world of infused joints, where craftsmanship meets innovation. These meticulously rolled joints blend premium strains with concentrates for an elevated session. Whether you need a touch more THC, want a burst of flavor or embark on a new sensory adventure, these joints — whether you shop for pre-rolls or can make your own perfectly rolled joint — deliver an experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Let’s get into what an infused joint really is!

What is an Infused Joint?

An infused joint contains cannabis flower and concentrates, offering a blended, high potency experience. They incorporate a variety of cannabis concentrates into the mix, including kief, hash, resin, rosin or wax, each of which adds unique characteristics and enhances the overall pre-roll.

Infused Joints vs. Regular Joints

There are three notable differences between an infused pre-rolled joint and regular joints:

  • Ingredients: Infused pre-rolled joints or ones you roll at home incorporate cannabis concentrates. Conventional pre-rolls contain only flower.
  • Potency: Introducing concentrates delivers significantly more THC than a common pre-roll or flower. Be prepared for a heightened level of intoxication when consuming infused joints.
  • Flavor and complexity: Concentrates bring a combination of new flavors and aromas that add complexity to your consumption experience. How they influence taste and smell depends on their terpene profile, which can be unique across different strains and cannabis concentrate types.
Infused Joints Regular Joints
Ingredients Cannabis flower infused with concentrates (e.g., kief, hash, resin, rosin or wax) Pure cannabis flower
Potency Significantly higher potency due to added concentrates Standard potency determined by the strain 
Flavor and complexity  Wide range of flavors, aromas and textures Elevates potency and augments the effects of the strain

Why Try Infused Joints?

Curious about cannabis extract-enriched joints? There are a few great reasons to give them a try:

  • Enhanced potency: One of the primary reasons for trying an infused joint is its significantly higher potency than regular joints. Infused joints may be the right choice for high tolerance consumers looking for a stronger experience.
  • Robust flavors: Infused pre-rolls provide an exciting opportunity to explore a broader range of flavors, aromas and textures. From earthy notes of hash to the rich flavors of live rosin, each concentrate offers its own characteristics, enhancing the flavor for cannabis enthusiasts.
  • Unique experiences: Infused joints provide distinct effects and experiences depending on the strains and extracts they contain. This lets you explore new sensations and experiences. 

The Science Behind an Infused Joint

Creating an infused joint involves flower, a concentrate, and rolling papers. Although this sounds like a simple set of basic ingredients, they can be combined in many ways to produce a diverse array of products.

For example, wax infused joints can be as simple as adding this concentrate to flower before rolling. However, some manufacturers take it to the next level, adding steps like brushing the outside paper with cannabis oil and rolling it in kief for a supercharged infusion.

Additionally, the selection of specific cannabis strains and extracts significantly influences the final product. By carefully selecting the right combinations of complementary cannabinoid and terpene profiles, manufacturers can produce a wide range of curated flavors and effects. This widespread variation is thanks to the entourage effect, a theory researchers believe describes how cannabinoids and terpenes may influence one another — and your consumption experience — in different ways depending on which other compounds are present.

The Art Behind Infused Joints

Crafting a perfectly infused joint balances technical expertise with a deep understanding of the plant. It begins with the pivotal step of selecting the proper infusion to blend, as this choice affects the entire experience. Various concentrates, such as oil, kief and diamonds, offer distinct flavors, aromas and effects, allowing artisans to create something truly unique. There’s also texture to consider: For example, a terpene-rich oil would be much more difficult to roll than a concentrate with a malleable texture, like wax.

How it’s rolled makes all the difference as well. Whether you’re rolling your own or buying one already made, an even distribution of flower and concentrates is key for an even burn and predictable experience.

For the artisanally inclined, rolling an infused joint is not just about filling the paper; it’s a deliberate act that requires skill and finesse. And the rolling process often transcends mere technical execution, becoming a ritual of care that embodies intention and attention. Each roll, twist and tuck is executed with precision to create a joint that is not only visually appealing but a testament to the craftsmanship behind it. 

How to Make an Infused Joint

  1. Gather your supplies: Get a grinder, rolling tray, papers, filters and your concentrate of choice.
  2. Grind the cannabis: Get a consistent texture on your bud. This step prepares the flower for rolling, allowing for better infusion with concentrated substances.
  3. Prepare the rolling paper: Lay it out with the glued side out. If you use a filter, place it to one side. 
  4. Add cannabis flower: Evenly distribute the ground flower into the rolling paper, creating a well-packed base. 
  5. Incorporate concentrates: Add kief, wax or other forms of concentrate directly to the flower. (If you only want to infuse concentrate on the outside, skip to step 6.) Pay attention to the textures, as more malleable textures are better for this than runny liquids.
  6. Roll the joint: Shape and tightly roll the paper to create a well-formed joint. Seal the joint and twist off the top to get it ready for your session.
  7. Infuse even more: If desired, apply a layer of the concentrate onto the exterior of the joint. You can roll the joint in kief, or it can be dipped in oil. 

Of course, you can skip these steps if you’re not inclined to roll your own. You can skip the work and pick up infused pre-rolls at a dispensary like Body and Mind.

Tips for Making an Infused Joint at Home

Whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your pre-roll skills, set yourself up for success with these tips.

  • Choose high-quality “ingredients”: Selecting premium cannabis flower and concentrates for infusion will help ensure a great consumption experience. Look for lab-tested products sold in a licensed dispensary for best results.
  • Employ a layering technique: Strategically layer the ground flower and concentrate to achieve a balanced infusion. Consider flavor, burn and potency when deicing the order and placement of the concentrates. 
  • Consider infusing your joint post-roll: Think about adding all concentrates to the outside of your joint instead of rolling them with your flower. You can dip the joint or artistically twirl malleable concentrates around the cone.
  • Practice and experiment: Rolling infused joints is a skill that improves with practice. Experiment with different strains, concentrates, layering techniques and post-roll infusions to find your desired outcome.  

Enjoy Ready Made Infused Pre-rolls at Body and Mind

Infused prerolls offer a perfect blend of artistry, potency and flavor. Whether you roll your own or opt for ready-made ones, the world of infused pre-rolls provides an elevated smoking experience for cannabis enthusiasts. 

If you prefer the convenience of ready-made options, Body and Mind offers a variety of expertly crafted infused pre-rolls to explore. Discover the possibility and elevate your smoking experience by placing an online order

Body and Mind
Body and Mind June 30, 2023

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