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The Essential Guide to Enjoying Your First 710 Holiday

Body and Mind
Body and Mind July 3, 2023

Welcome to a fascinating journey into the realm of cannabis culture! We’re here to enlighten you about a holiday known to but often misunderstood by many — 710 Day. Falling on July 10th, 710 Day is a celebration dedicated to cannabis oils and concentrates. Much like the widely recognized 420, it represents a time for cannabis consumers to unite and appreciate the plant’s manifold gifts.

History of 710 Day

The creation of 710 Day is shrouded in mystery, with its roots traced back to a hip-hop artist named TaskRok. This urban legend spun the concept of “710” from his rap album, emphasizing that when turned upside down, 710 spells “OIL,” a common descriptor for cannabis concentrates.

LA Weekly ran the first-ever news feature on 710 Day in 2012, giving it wider attention. Soon after, the term was defined on Urban Dictionary and began its journey of rising popularity. Social media further boosted its spread, eventually establishing it as an integral part of the cannabis community’s holiday roster.

The Significance of ‘710’ in Canna Culture

In the context of cannabis culture, ‘710’ has become synonymous with cannabis concentrates such as oil, wax, and hash. These highly potent substances offer intense experiences and have revolutionized how cannabis can be consumed. With their rising popularity, cannabis concentrates have substantially influenced cannabis culture, leading to the christening of July 10th as a day dedicated to appreciating these potent products.

How to Celebrate 710 Day

Traditional celebrations of 710 Day revolve around ‘dabbing’ — consuming cannabis concentrates using a dab rig or vape pen. However, as cannabis legalization spreads and the legal market evolves, new consumption methods have been introduced. Consuming cannabis oil products, such as infused pre-rolls, offers modern twists to this holiday.

710 Day is also marked by several events and parties across the globe. International Dab Day, Oregon’s Camp Sesh, and local dispensary events are some places where the cannabis community congregates to celebrate. To elevate your experience, you might want to try products recommended by your local dispensary.

However, we’ll give you a quick rundown of some bare essentials you’ll need:

  • A dab rig, bong, or vape pen
  • Cannabis concentrates such as wax and oil
  • Butane torch to heat the nail (for dabbing)
  • E-nail — to help ensure you get the perfect hit
  • Carb cap to trap vapor and maximize flavor delivery
  • Silicone jar for storage of concentrates
  • Cotton swabs and Q-tips for cleaning

Beyond this, if you want to get in on the action and keep it a little more low-key, infused prerolls and moon rocks are great alternatives to dabbing.

Always Stay Safe & Consume Responsibly

While 710 Day is a celebration, safety should always be at the forefront. Dabbing safely involves using clean, tested concentrates and ensuring your dab rig is appropriately heated. Further, responsible cannabis consumption is a must. This involves starting with small doses, especially for first-timers, and being aware of your limits. Other important tips include:

  • Avoid mixing cannabis with other substances, such as alcohol or prescription drugs.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings and ensure you are in a safe, secure area with good ventilation.
  • Don’t forget to hydrate and have snacks to help reduce the effects of any potential paranoia or anxiety.
  • Store cannabis products away from children and pets.

It’s also vital to stay updated about the legal status of cannabis in your location. As cannabis legalization spreads, regulations vary widely, so remember to consume responsibly and within the bounds of the law.

Shop Cannabis Concentrates with BaM

710 Day signifies much more than a holiday for consuming cannabis. It embodies the evolution and diversity of cannabis products and the unifying power of cannabis culture. It belongs to the community — to each and every cannabis user out there.

As you venture into your first 710 Day celebration, remember to enjoy the journey responsibly. Whether you’re dabbing at a local dispensary, rolling an infused pre-roll, or simply appreciating the intricate world of cannabis oils and concentrates, you are part of a vibrant, global community that shares your passion.

Shop for the best cannabis concentrates at BaM, where we have everything you need! With our extensive selection of products and helpful customer service team, you’ll be well on your way to celebrating the holiday like a pro. So go ahead and explore!

Body and Mind
Body and Mind July 3, 2023

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