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How to Safely Consume Edibles in West Memphis

Edibles in West Memphis
Body and Mind
Body and Mind November 9, 2021

The perfect option for beginners, edibles are rising in popularity thanks to new advances in infusion methods, giving way to a wide range of baked goods, gummies, cooking oil, chocolates, sodas and more. With that said, edibles can provide a challenge for those unfamiliar with ingesting cannabis. Here’s everything worth knowing about taking edibles in West Memphis – safely and fun. 

What Should I Know About Buying Edibles Legally?

When it comes to the topic of buying edibles in West Memphis, it’s important to remember you must be a resident of Arkansas with a medical card allowing you to purchase medical marijuana from licensed dispensaries in West Memphis. You can only purchase up to 2.5 ounces every two weeks from a single state-licensed marijuana dispensary. 

Cannabis is legal in food and beverages for patients, making edibles safe to consume in West Memphis, provided it’s taken in the comfort of their own home and not in public.

Where Can I Get Edibles in West Memphis?

Here’s one West Memphis dispensary you can purchase edibles from, a stone’s throw from Highway 55, ideal for taking rideshares such as Uber and Lyft.

Body and Mind
Address: 203 N Ok St, West Memphis AR 72301

Recipients of Ark420 People’s Choice Award for 2020 Arkansas’ Dispensary of the Year and the first marijuana dispensary in West Memphis, Body and Mind offers online ordering, express pickup and same-day delivery, a boon for anyone looking to make some safe purchases without venturing onto the roads. Grown naturally in small batches, Body and Mind’s award-winning cannabis promises an experience like no other. When it comes to edibles, Body and Mind’s menu offers a plethora of fun including strawberry cream gummies, chocolate bark, infused honey tinctures, peach bites and plenty more.

What Else Should I Know about Edibles?

While ingesting edibles offers a smokeless alternative, it’s important to understand how the two experiences wildly differ. 

Edibles are discrete and promise a minimal amount of THC, a major contributor to the feeling of being high. The effect isn’t as immediate – onsets are generally estimated to be anywhere between 1-2 hours or more, but the duration can last longer, generally around 3-6 hours or more. This makes edibles a viable option for patients interested in treating chronic health conditions.

When it comes to dosage, start as low as 2.5 milligrams and go slow. See how you feel on that level of dosage and observe how it affects your high before amping it up. 

Store your edibles in dry places, if you can. Keeping them in the fridge can retain their potency but it can create unwanted moisture thanks to temperature switches. Cannabis won’t spoil but the other ingredients in an edible certainly can so keep any best by dates you see in careful consideration.

And most important – don’t take edibles on an empty stomach! That can speed up how quickly your body breaks down the edibles. 

If you’re looking for more stories or tips about how to best experience edibles, be sure to check out the rest of our blog and let us know in person what you think when you next visit our Body and Mind West Memphis dispensary!

Body and Mind
Body and Mind November 9, 2021

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