Visitor's guide to Lakeshore Bike Trail

Looking for a pleasant outdoor experience in Muskegon? Try biking along the Lakeshore Bike Trail. This incredibly gorgeous biking route runs parallel to Lakeshore Drive, circling Lake Muskegon. It’s an extremely picturesque trail that offers stunning views of Muskegon Lake on one side and Lake Michigan on the other. Visit the place to enjoy a fun, athletic experience with your crew.

What’s near the Lakeshore Bike Trail?

The trail roughly circles around Muskegon Lake. While you will be in full view of the lake at most times, there are a few parts that break off towards the city for a little bit. Here’s what else you’ll find around the trail’s parameter :

  • Pere Marquette Park on the south end.

  • Heritage Landing is roughly in the center.

  • Muskegon Lake Nature Preserve on the north end.

Heading southeast, the Lakeshore Trail links to the Laketon Trail, which in turn connects to the Musketawa Trail if you’re looking for longer biking routes.

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Places to eat

When you’re hungry from all the biking, here are a few places you can head to grab a filling mid-day snack.

The Lake Dog

As the name suggests, The Lake Dog is famous for its special Detroit-style coney dogs. Served with their special, spicy chilly sauce, these coney dogs make for a perfect mid-day snack to help power you through your biking trip.

Along with Coneys, The Lake Dog serves burgers, salad, soup, bratwurst, polish sausage, chicken pitas, loaded tater tots, and the region’s specialty – poutine. It uses fresh, premium ingredients to prepare each dish, earning it an excellent reputation among the locals.

The Lake Bluff Grille

This restaurant is the perfect place for a casual lunch/dinner in Muskegon. Built right by the lake, The Lake Bluff Grille offers lakefront seating, a private golf course, and an incredibly elegant wrap-around bar. The place is renowned for its delectable modern American cuisine, its elegant yet comfortable ambiance, and its stunning lakefront views from the restaurant’s large covered patio.

Muskegon Subway

Who can say no to a true blue American favorite? If you’re looking for Subway’s signature footlongs and chicken salad in Muskegon, you’re in luck. The local Subway in Muskegon serves all the crowd favorites you’d expect and even a few vegetarian options. The place is open for delivery all day and offers catering services in and around Muskegon.

Biggby Coffee

A great way to stay energized and hydrated on your holiday is by grabbing a cup of your favorite coffee from Biggby Coffee. The cafe offers everything from a variety of coffee and tea lattes to delicious hot chocolate and smoothies. Located at 3295 Henry St, Biggby Coffee is the perfect hangout spot for you and your crew. If you need the perfect pre-roll or flower to enjoy with your hot beverage, you can order from us!

We hope this guide helped you plan your trip to Muskegon better.

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