Visitor’s Guide to the Lake Express Ferry

No trip to Muskegon will feel complete without a ride on the Lake Express Ferry. The ferry is a fast, affordable, and convenient way to travel between Wisconsin, Muskegon, and Milwaukee.

The ferry can travel the lengths of Lake Michigan in approximately two hours and has space to transport other vehicles. The boat has facilities that most cruise ships offer, such as a snack and beverage counter, modern seating, lounging areas, and more. You can enjoy a relaxing journey on board the ferry while taking in stunning views of Lake Michigan.

The Lake Express Ferry saves you from the frustrating traffic and clogged roads of Michigan and ensures you reach your destination on time. Passengers can move around the deck and experience the spacious design of the ferry, making time fly by. The ferry’s schedule changes according to the season, so check the timings before booking your seats.

The Lake Express Ferry is accessible for the differently abled. The indoor covered waiting area provides protection against unforeseen weather conditions. You can enjoy the complimentary wi-fi in the terminals and refreshments are available. If you are traveling with bikes, racks are also available to store them. On-site overnight parking comes in handy for Lake Express customers for a charge of $5 a day. Parking for up to 3 hours is free.

Other activities near Lake Express Ferry

There are many places of interest near Lake Express Ferry’s port. You can expect to find several food joints to satisfy all your food cravings and even some hiking and biking trails.

Safe Harbor Great Lakes

The Safe Harbor Great Lakes port has premium water activities that members can enjoy with their gang. This is a dream for boat enthusiasts because the elite residents of Muskegon usually park their luxurious boats at this port due to the many amenities available here. The facilities include a salon, ship store, picnic area, and water sport rental area. Members can also enjoy access to the clubhouse, showers, bathhouses, children’s play area, and much more.

The Pierogi Shack

The Pierogi Shack works on a pick-up or dine-in system and specializes in different types of dumplings and a classic burger and fries combo. The ambiance mimics that of a sophisticated vintage seaside diner. The place, of course, offers various Pierogis along with other dishes such as burgers, sliders, hotdogs, and chicken strips, among others. The shack’s timings change according to the season, and it is usually open on Fridays and Saturdays. Call ahead or visit their website for updated timings and other information. It is located at 1950 Lakeshore Dr, Muskegon, Michigan- 49441.

Lakeshore Biking Trail

The Lakeshore Biking Trail has the most scenic views in all of Muskegon. It runs along the Muskegon Lakeshore and showcases the beauty of the lake, sand dunes, and lighthouses. The trail also connects to Pere Marquette Park with access to a playground, volleyball court, restaurants, and more. Rent some cycles and spend an evening biking here with your crew to create some unforgettable memories while burning some calories.

McGraft Park

For those looking for a calm and serene place to appreciate and enjoy nature, make your way to the 92-acre McGraft Park. It is located at 2204 Wickham – Wickham and Glen in the Glenside Neighborhood. Most of the park has been preserved to experience and foster the natural habitat, but some areas have been developed for recreational use. A lagoon in the park has been the backdrop to many weddings. The citizens of Muskegon use the modern facilities, including clean public bathrooms, lighted tennis courts, picnic areas, and community building. The park also has a free concert series during the summer where each concert features different genres of music.

Muskegon’s natural beauty leaves visitors in awe, and a ride on the ferry makes the visit even more enjoyable. We hope this guide helped you add some places to your Muskegon itinerary. When you do visit the city, make sure you shop with Body and Mind. Our dispensary is located at 885 E Apple Avenue, Muskegon, Michigan- 49442, and is open daily from 9 am to 9 pm.

We aim to provide you with the highest-grade cannabis and marijuana products, which our in-house experts source. If you are confused about what to buy, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you choose the strain and potency that best suits you. Browse our website and find everything from organic, hybrid strains and pre-rolls to delicious edibles and disposable vapes in your favorite flavors. We also offer express pickup and doorstep delivery for your convenience.

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