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Budtender Tipping Etiquette At Dispensaries

Body and Mind
Body and Mind October 3, 2022

So, you’re at your local dispensary, about to pay for your selected cannabis products. You hand over your cash and get your change back. You’re about to turn around and leave when a brightly stickered jar that says “Tips” catches your eye. Well, what a pickle. Are you being discourteous if you pocket your change, simply thank the budtender, and leave? And if you do tip the budtender, what is an acceptable amount?

Tipping your service providers is a large part of American culture. We do it at restaurants, at the salon, and at coffee houses.

However, many people have different opinions about tipping the budtender. We’re here to give you a breakdown of acceptable dispensary behavior, so the next time you’re at a dispensary, you can confidently check out your products without feeling like a social norms dummy.

So, let’s discuss budtender tipping etiquette at a dispensary.

Should you tip at the dispensary?

You tip the waiters at the restaurant, and you don’t tip the liquor store clerk, but should you tip the budtender at the dispensary?

There’s quite a debate about this among consumers. While some say that budtenders make an hourly wage and don’t require tips for simply lifting a product off the shelf and handing it to you, others argue that budtenders provide exceptional service by helping their customers pick the right product and deserve to be tipped because of their rather low wage amounts.

While both opinions are just in their own sense, here is why you should consider tipping your budtender:

  • The minimum hourly wage hasn’t changed since 2009, even though living costs have shot way up, so your tips could really make a difference
  • Tipping your budtender will incentivize them to give their 100% to you
  • Budtenders work hard to analyze your needs and find the right products for you
  • The budtender’s recommendations can really make a difference in your journey of finding the best strains and products for your needs

Is it customary to tip a budtender?

Just like you don’t have to tip your waiter at a restaurant, but you do, it isn’t compulsory to tip a budtender, but you should because it is the socially conscious thing to do.

Budtenders do more than just pass you products from the back of the shop. They equip themselves with the knowledge needed to recommend an excellent strain to provide you with a good cannabis experience, and it is nice to give them a tip to show your appreciation.

Of course, however, if you feel like you received an awful service, you can let that reflect in how much you tip. But, how much should you tip for an excellent service?

How much to tip the budtender?

As a rule of thumb, you can start with tipping a dollar if you just walked in, asked for a specific product, took it, and left. However, if you spent a few minutes asking the budtender questions and they helped you pick a strain, a tip of around $2-$5 is good. And, if you made the budtender run around for a large or complex order, consider throwing $5-$10 into the tip jar.

How much you tip your budtender can depend on how your experience with them was. For example, if they were fun and friendly and improved your day, you can show your appreciation with a nice tip. Or, if they went above and beyond and spent a lot of time to help you narrow down on the right product, tip them according to that effort.

On the other hand, if you don’t like their service, you can tip them a dollar or nothing if you aren’t happy.

Although the cannabis industry is booming in some states like California, states have not yet issued any guidelines about how much a customer should tip their budtender.

In general, try to fairly compensate them for how helpful they have been. After all, your thankful words are nice, but even a small tip can show much more appreciation for the budtender’s efforts. If you have any questions about tipping etiquette, feel free to talk to the budtenders at your dispensary, and they would be happy to answer any questions you have.

Why Do Some People Think That Tipping Is Not Necessary?

Products at a dispensary are expensive enough as is, and after the additional taxes charged, some people feel that yet another additional cost in the form of a tip is not necessary. They argue that a tip shouldn’t be necessary if all a budtender does is pick up the requested package of edibles or oil and punch in a few buttons on a cash register.

Some people also believe tip jars in dispensary environments can make budtenders feel entitled to a tip even if they were not very helpful.

However, if a budtender has made efforts to assist you in finding the right strain for you and giving you a good experience, consider leaving some cash for their efforts.

The budtenders who give excellent customer service are not fairly compensated or paid higher wages for their efforts, so your appreciation and tips can go a long way in making their day better and in turn, yours too.

We hope these tips helped you feel more confident about dispensary tipping etiquette.

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Body and Mind
Body and Mind October 3, 2022

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